Human Resources Considerations When Evaluating A Potential Employer.

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Outline what you believe are the desired characteristics of an employer (organizationally) such as benefits, mentors, relaxed organizational climate, growth potential, etc. After this, develop a listing of items/activities that would provide the information needed to assess whether an organization meets (exceeds, or is deficient in) the desired characteristics such as examining an organization's Web site, reading the annual report, talking with current and former employees, etc.Next select an organization to research. Once you gather the necessary information, you analyze the information in relation to your initial listing of desired characteristics. The result should be a determination regarding the organization's potential as an employer - is it desirable or undesirable and why?As stated, there are many factors that determine the "desirability" of a company. Company stability, upward mobility, geographic location, location within competing firms relative to market share, profitability and income potential just to name a few. I also would look at corporate culture, user facilities, whether management is hands-on or believes in departmental autonomy with responsibility to the bottom line. As an outline, these are factors that are very important to me.In order to determine if a potential employer possesses some or all of these traits, I would begin my research by asking persons knowledgeable of the company's history in their respective marketplace the following types of questions:*Perception or knowledge of the company in its business dealings with customers and clients alike.*Is the company ethical in its business dealings? Do they expect something for nothing? How is this mentality rationalized?*Does the company have a "revolving door"? If so, what is the perception as to why turnover is so great? If not, how does the company seem to retain its employees? Why do they stay?*Is the company a "player" in its industry? Why? How? What sets them apart from the competition?*Is the company perceived as forward thinking? Do they afford opportunities of internal development relative to continuing internal and external education?These are just a few of the questions that I would pose. Additionally, if I were extremely interested, I would read everything I could get my hands on. I would use the internet extensively to research the company's website, financial periodicals such as The Wall Street Journal or the archives of Inc. Magazine or Forbes, etc. I would research through my own brokerage on prior filings, reports and articles to glean whatever I could prior to making a decision. Of course, all of this is based upon...

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