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Human Resources: Establishing A Business Need For Recruitment

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1. Identification of the vacancy:
Managers are responsible for establishing a business need for recruitment and for justifying the need to fill the vacancy or the need to create a new position.
A Manpower Requisition Form needs to be filled by the respective regional or functional managers then approved by senior mangers before the recruitment process can be initiated by Human Resources.
The recruitment and selection process should not proceed until a full evaluation of the need for the vacancy has been established against the budget and the strategic plans.
The line Manager together with Human Resources must identify a salary range and job grade for the position. The line Manager must then ...view middle of the document...

4. CV Selection:
All CVs will be collated and screened by Human Resources before being forwarded to the respective line Manager for CV selection.

Shorting list will be prepared after CV screening by line manger and Human resources to bypass the bias.


All candidates (internal and external) should be assessed objectively against the selection criteria set out in the Job specifications and only candidates who meet all the essential criteria should be short-listed.

5. Interview:
All short-listed candidates who meet the substantial criteria for the post as shown in the job specification will be offered an...

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