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Human Resources For Axia College Essay

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HRM 1Final Project:Human Resources Management Plan and Job AidsHRM 2Final Project:Human Resources Management Plan and Job AidsExecutive SummaryChemical Engineering has contributed to the development of product and processes in many areas of great socioeconomic impact, such as the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in key areas of infrastructure such as energy, water, and pollution control. I really believe that in our world today, we are in the mist of many changes in more than one way, with ever increasing political and economic levels, and critical demands will have to prepare for new challenges.HRM 3Final Project:Human Resources Management Plan and Job AidsPresentation on job analysisA Chemical Engineering job consist of designing and planning the layout of the equipment, developing processes to separate components of gases or liquids, generating electric current, and in general using controlled chemical processes. In addition, the chemical engineer is also required to supervise the workers who are involved in chemical and chemical processing activities. This may involve finding out the specific gravity, temperature control, density determination, evaporation, distillation, heat transfer, and crushing, drying, mixing, use of electromagnetic equipment and use of pressure. To carry out these tasks a Chemical Engineer is required to keep employees aware of the current technical developments. In addition, he/she must be able to correctly communicate with his supervisors, colleagues, and co-workers. His/her communication must be affective; His/her estimates of information about quantities, temperatures, materials, and quality must be accurate.He/she must have decision- making abilities, also must be able to organize the production process, plan it, and control its outcome. One of the most important tasks of a chemical engineer relates to the examination and control of the process, the factory environment, the raw material, and finished product.HRM 4Final Project:Human Resources Management Plan and Job AidsThe link below will take you to my tips for the selection process PowerPointHRM335PPT FINAL.pptHRM 5Final Project:Human Resources Management Plan and Job AidsScript for orienting new employeesWhen the new employee has been appointed and he has signed the joining report, there needs to be a structured orientation for the employee. The first step is the general orientation. Usually, this lasts for about a week. The employee is guided to the different divisions of the company and he is introduced to the processes and functions of the different divisions. During this phase is he/she...

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