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Human Resources Issue Essay

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For many Generation X (Gen X) employees, the offspring’s from the baby boomer generation, there are significant changes taking place in their lives that not only will impact the employee from a personal natural but will also have implications for their employers around the country. This issue is FMLA but not in the traditional since, where the employee (or family member) has medical challenges and will completely be away from their jobs. This protected leave is the reason many employees use FMLA leave. However, this is a non-traditional issue, surrounding the use of FMLA were covered workers are protected by FMLA and require the use of intermittent leave to care for family ...view middle of the document...

Under normal circumstances, this would be a non-issue but giving the anticipated interruption to business operations, a clear-cut policy needs to be in place to address the growing concerns.
Unbridle Compliance
If employee has a medical need that require the employee to take an intermittent leave, according to the FMLA act, “Employees needing intermittent/reduced schedule leave for foreseeable medical treatment must work with their employers to schedule the leave so as not to unduly disrupt the employer's operations, subject to the approval of the employee's health care provider” (FMLA, 1995). The main framework of this language is the employers are required to work with the employee for this approved leave. In certain situations, employers must determine can the company accommodate the leave request or would the employee be force to accept reassignment from their position if the employer offers little support for their request. According the FMLA guidelines, “In such cases, the employer may transfer the employee temporarily to an alternative job with equivalent pay and benefits that accommodates recurring periods of leave better than the employee's regular job” (FMLA, 1995).

The employer having this option to accommodate the requested leave can certainly present a dilemma for the employee. Employers have the ability to transfer the employee to different work areas, that to some could be seen as punishment for using the leave option. This practice and others like this are steps some employers use to discourage employees from taking this...

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