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The human resource management department has been in constant change over the years. Theses changes are due to changing trends in globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics. The HR department is responsible for the success of the company and plays a greater role in the decisions of an organization.Companies are now expanding their business into foreign countries, moving the headquarters of the company or opening a branch these changes cause for new HR procedures in order to be successful. "By one estimate, the cost of a failed overseas assignment ranges from 200,000 to 500,000. These costs resulting from lost productivity, relocation, recruitment, and severance pay". The HR department is responsible for the assignment of employees overseas and in many cases the finding the correct candidate is not as simple as choosing the best qualified employee to become expatriates. HR must run test and evaluate in terms of which individuals have the best chance of adapting to the new culture, language, and way of conducting business. In pasted times the best employee was chosen and relocated and in many cases they became home sick and were not able to perform well due to depression. Globalization has brought great change for the HR department to work with and adapt in order for the company to succeed. As well as exporting employees companies have now found themselves bringing in workers from foreign countries with expertise in the areas needed.The growing advancements in technology have been a great help to the HR department. The human resource information system now allows the department to store, keep track and manipulate their employee information. "Northern Telecom (a Canadian telecommunications company that has facilities in 90 countries, including the United Kingdom, China, and the United States) needed access to information about employees located worldwide". The HRIS is very helpful in evaluating the employee for job performance and promotions. Until the development of these systems employee information was stored manually and was time consuming to analyze, with the HRIS large amounts of information can be processed and spreadsheet and charts can be made. Changes in technology also have cause HR to develop training programs to keep employees up to date with need equipment and programs.The growing trend of diversity in the work force in the United States drastically changes the role of Human Resources Management. "The greater diversity of the U.S labor force challenges employers to create HRM practices that fully utilize the talents, skills, and values of all employees", with the minority grows of Asians and Hispanics growing at a faster rate than the other groups HRM must provide opportunity and...

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