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Human Resources Must Sensatize Employees To Their Differences

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Human Resources Management
In the recent past, the United States and the world at large are moving towards transparent ways of doing business and human resource management. There has been a greater emphasis on opening up on all transactions and partnerships with greater scrutiny on how companies handle social issues, which ultimately determine its public image. For a company to be considered as socially acceptable, it must formulate policies that blend its benefits. Under the close watchful eye of the United States government, companies have been urged to shift their diversity training methodologies from less conservative to more dynamic and accommodating delivery.
First, we need to overhaul how we explain specificities under sensitivity training. As Mathias (2011, 101) stipulates “The aim here is to "sensitize" people to the differences among them and how their words and behaviors are seen by others.” Therefore, when rolling this new initiative I would place great importance in ensuring that all employees understand that, despite their individual differences in beliefs, social backgrounds and norms, there is an inherent need to treat each other with mutual respect first as individuals and secondly as co-worker. Whereas we all have different tastes, preferences, choices and beliefs, I would insist that all employees understand that this should not negatively impact on the company’s objectives; rather, they should form a rich pool of resources that can be geared towards the company’s success (Cascio, 2010).
Secondly, in rolling out the company’s new initiative of offering health services for all domestic partners, I will visit all locations and go over specificities stipulated under each diversity policies in each location. After that, I would implement the company’s new initiative such that all domestic partners are equitably represented and that no...

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