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Week 3 Experimentation Critique (Res/320)

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Find a research report that uses experimentation. The source must be the UOPX Library. Complete each section below after carefully reviewing the syllabus instructions and the Week 3 chapter readings. You are welcome to pick a report that will help you with your team project or something you are interested in personally. Deductions will be made if the sources are not properly cited in APA format - an in-text citation should be provided within each section as indicated as well as the Reference listing at the bottom of the page . You should be citing your research report from the UOPX library as well as your eBook for this course. UOPX resources should be the only sources used for this assignment.
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Find a research report that uses experimentation. (The source must be the UOPX Library and should be cited in proper APA format)
Provide a brief overview of the research report.
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Some patterns of alcohol consumption (e.g. binge drinking, drinking outside of meals) have been associated with detrimental effects on health outcomes. Subjective health provides a global assessment of health status and is a strong predictor of total mortality; however, little is known about its relationship with alcohol drinking pattern. The association between several drinking patterns (i.e. drinking intensity and frequency, frequency of intoxication, drinking outside of meals, and beverage type) and subjective health was examined in a random sample of 3586 women and men. Overall, non-current drinkers reported poorer physical and mental health than life-time abstainers and current drinkers, while no consistent differences were found between life-time abstainers and current drinkers. In female current drinkers, daily drinking, beer and mixed beverage consumption were associated with better mental health. In male current drinkers, moderate alcohol consumption (2-2.9 drinks per day); wine and mixed beverage consumption were associated with better physical health. Intoxication and liquor consumption were associated with poorer mental health in women and poorer physical health in men. No consistent associations were found for drinking outside meals. Aspects of drinking pattern may affect subjective health differentially in women and men. Overall, intoxication and liquor drinking are associated with poorer self-perceived health status than regular, moderate consumption of other alcoholic beverages. (1265)

What is an independent variable? (Cite your source using in-text citations and place your complete Reference page citation below)

It is a variable that stands alone and isn't changed by the other variables you are trying to measure. For example, someone's age might be an independent variable.

What is a dependent variable?

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