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The role of the human resources (HR) department is shifting, which means that the roles and responsibilities of HR professionals are changing as well. Modern up-and-coming HR professionals are learning things not traditionally associated with HR - finance, operations, statistics and strategy. The text suggests that companies with effective human resource management (HRM) have more satisfied employees and customers, are more innovative, experience greater productivity and enjoy a favorable reputation within the community (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2004). That is impressive payback for a company, and explains well why HRM is so essential to today's businesses. This also helps explain why the view of how valuable human resource management is to an organization has changed from one of a necessary expense, to a source of added value (Noe et al.).A 2006 conference on the future of HR, hosted by the Society for Human Resource Management, confirmed that challenging jobs and clear career paths are keys to attracting high-caliber students to the profession (Rodriguez, 2006). "If the HR function wants to continue attracting top students, HR jobs will have to be more interesting," states Rodriguez. He also recommends that businesses keep their demanding HR projects in-house, rather than outsourcing to consultants; implementing this strategy will help the company hone well-trained, competent HR employees (Rodriguez).GlobalizationThe days of the 40 hour work week are practically non existent as the world economies moves forward with e-commerce (Noe, et al., 2004). "Globalization often means that operations take place across many time zones, requiring management at all hours" (Noe, et al.). Many companies are taking advantage of the new global economy. Companies are branching out around the world with offices and divisions in one or more countries. Because each country has its own cultural differences, human resources must take on a new look and involvement within a company to deal with such differences. Human resources are involved in corporate strategy in many different companies. Managing global operations and successfully formulating and implementing a corporate strategy require an appropriate strategy for managing international human resources (Rodriguez, 2006).Global human resource managers are required to set-up human resource management systems within socially and economic different network structures. Selecting appropriate global human resource strategies, influencing the global organizations operating framework and taking a leadership role in cultural change is the primary activities for a global human resource manager. The global human resource managers frequently rely heavily on precise methods of coordination and control of international relationships.TechnologyHuman resources must also adapt to new technologies. The development speed of technology in today business environment must be taken advantage of by businesses. Technology can...

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Human Resources Roles and Responsibilities Essay

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