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The indispensable component of an organization's success is the human resource (HR) department. The individuals that make up this department manage and influence all employees. According to Noe, et al. (2003), "human resource management is centered around the policies, practices, and systems that influence employees' behavior, attitudes, and performance" (p. 2). An effective human resource management team will allow the organization to become more competitive and have an advantage over the competition. This paper will give an explanation of the changing roles and responsibilities of human resources in response to globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics.Many organizations are taking advantage of the global economy. Susan Meisinger states (March, 2004), "globalization - particularly in the business arena - is a fact of life in today's world" (p. 1). Globalization is shaping human resources with an ever-changing environment. Some organizations have multiple offices and divisions all over the world and how human resource manages them determines how productive they will be. Human resources must be able to look at the different cultures that shape each division and office of these organizations and take on a new perspective within the organization on how to deal with these differences.Global human resource managers must be able to establish a management system within diverse societal and economic structures. Being able to set up human resource strategies, taking control in the cultural changes and influencing the organizations is important for the success of a global human resource manager. In order for these steps to become successful, the human resource specialists will need to rely on precise methods of coordinating and controlling the relationships within as well as outside the organization.The world is seeing technology develop more rapidly than most organizations can keep up with. Organizations can sustain a competitive edge by taking advantage of the development and speed of technology. In some organizations, technology has taken place of workers, saving the company time and money. On the other hand, human resource managers can effectively utilize these high technology strategies to improve the workforce within the organization and better able to fill vacancies within the organization with the appropriate applicant.According to Richard Renckly (2004), "many companies have turned to "virtual computers (i.e., software programs that enable employers to convert resumes they receive into a database that use key word search-and-retrieval software to fill job vacancies)" (p. 85). The practice of obtaining and retaining good employees has been turned into a science rather than an art. Utilizing this type of system takes away the human aspect of job interviewing but it saves the company valuable time during the interviewing resume viewing process.One of the responsibilities of the human resource professional is to value the...

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