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Human Rights Activism In Pakistan Two Sisters; One Goal; A Fight For Change

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The government plays a significant role in our lives. It provides safety and support meanwhile voicing the hearts of its people; at least that was what Asma Jahangir and Hina Jilani thought of their own Pakistani government before they became lawyers. Just imagine your life in a caged box, being a victim of injustice, witnessing injustice and knowing you cannot do anything about it because the core of the problem comes from lack of government regulation. This is how Jahangir and Jilani felt when they were lawyers. Women being accused in false crimes, honor killings rampant and execution without trial did not add up to what Jahangir and Jilani thought of as justice. What these sisters witnessed during their time as lawyers led to become human rights activists (“Asma Jahangir and Hina Jilani”). Since the 1980s, Jahangir’s and Jilani’s life journey has consisted of installing the nonexistent idea of human rights in Pakistan through creating organizations and raising public awareness; even if it means rebelling against a harsh unfair government regime, with unstoppable fearlessness, courage and dedication.
There was a once a client of Jahangir and Jilani, she sought help from the two sisters to carry out a divorce. She ended up being killed in their office by a gunman hired by her father (“Asma Jahangir and Hina Jilani”). Eventually, the story went public and allegations began to circulate in the newspapers, such as Jahangir and Jilani being involved in the murder of the woman (“Asma Jahangir and Hina Jilani”). Even worse there were rallies and open threat directed towards them. In her Robert F. Kennedy center interview Jahangir proclaimed that “The government stood by as silent spectators. In fact, they helped the murderers, who were never, ever touched.” This example of honor killings is one of many that have taken place in Pakistan. Usually similar, relatives of women cannot bear an event such as a divorce bring shame to the family and so they take the drastic action of killing them in “tragic murder accidents.” In this case, Jahangir and Jilani were implicated in their client’s murder meanwhile the hired gunmen ran away with cash in their pocket. At the time, the year 2000, Jahangir and Jilani were still fighting in the courts for their innocence. According to her RFK center interview Jahangir boldly proclaims her animosity towards honor killings saying, “I do not think the murder of anybody can be explained away either by culture or religion.” This goes to show how hard it is for these two sisters to fight for human rights in Pakistan when the government is resisting them. In the specific example, the media was used against these two sisters allowing the public to attack them. Jahangir describes situations such as these in an RFK center interview “You are fighting with your pen, your are fighting with the instrument of law, against a power with a gun, a power that does not recognize the law…so the most important thing is, it cannot be an...

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