Human Rights: No Slavery Essay

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Human Rights- No Slavery
The issue of slavery dates back to as early as time of the ancient egyptians, and even before that. Many people do not realize it today but slavery is still an issue in some parts of the world even though slavery was abolished in the 19th century. Slavery, otherwise known as forced labor, is more common today among children and women, and also in developing countries where the rules and laws aren’t so governed. Today, most slavery occurs in places such as Asia, and Africa, where children are forced to be soldiers and women are forced into the sex industry. Although slavery is not prevalent in the United States, we still need to be aware of it globally and help take a stand against it to make sure that all humans are treated with proper dignity and human rights. Some years ago, a declaration was passed called “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, which within that declaration it states that, “No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.” Just like any other ‘law’, this is bound to be broken or abused, and most countries where slavery is happening might not even have any idea what this declaration even is. Some children are even born into slavery because of their family, and small children are even kidnapped and brought into slavery that way. Every human deserves to be treated with the same rights as the next human and no human being should be able to reign supreme over another human and make that person your personal servant. No human should be forced to do unwanted labor that harms them and puts them in a dangerous environment. Many of this goes on in places such as Africa where the slaves are captured and forced to work on plantations such as sugar plantations. Or sometimes African children are taken away from their homes at a very young age and forced to be part of a militia. According to the International Labour Organization, 20.9 million men, women and children around the world are in slavery.
Slavery dates back to as long as we can remember. Men, women and children were constantly sold for money and forced to do hard labour. Slavery hasn’t always been around. In fact, there was a point in time where slavery didn’t really exist. Think about it, back in ancient times where farmers would grow enough food to sustain themselves along with their family, a slave would only mean another mouth to feed. Therefore, slavery began with civilization. Slavery in ancient times basically worked like this. A powerful, dominant army would overtake and destroy a village, leaving the inhabitants without anything, and the army would then take those inhabitants captive to work for them or even sell them to other groups for money. Sometimes the only way for a slave to be free is if their master would pass away. Many of us know about one of the most recent issues in history of slavery, the Holocaust. The Holocaust targeted people who were considered outcasts such...

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