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Human Services In Kitsap County Essay

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The Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) in Kitsap County, Washington, offers a variety of different resources to residents in need. More than 2 million people are in need for food, housing, child care, mental health services and long term aging services every year (Services, 2008). The programs offered by DSHS are focused on helping people in need get on their feet and make a better life for themselves and their families.Residents of Kitsap County have many different options that they can look into when they are struggling with everyday living. A few of the programs include WIC (Women, Infants and Children), who help low income families provide nutritious food and formula during pregnancy and the early years of childhood. Child Care is a wonderful option for low income working families and single parents. I personally have experience with the WIC and Child Care programs. While I was pregnant WIC helped to provide nutritious food to eat and formula for my baby when he was born. They offered classes on nutrition and parenting that I took advantage of. They are here to help people in need and help them to be as prepared as possible for parenthood. The Department of Social and Health Services helped me pay for daycare when I was a single parent and not making enough money to pay for daycare expenses on my own. I truly believe that this program is what kept me out of the system and helped me be responsible for myself and my child. As I advanced and was able to obtain promotions, the State gradually paid less and less of my childcare expenses, I am grateful of the help I received when it was needed.Kitsap Community Resources help with energy...

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