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As time passes by, life gets more challenging for many people out there, in our community. There are those who become disadvantaged such as the handicapped, those who are unemployed, and those who come of age and are in need of special attention. Luckily there are specific organizations which address these needs in the community, like senior care centers or shelters. Also, there are big charities that take in patients with no income, patients that are diagnosed with diseases, and those who suffer from isolation. Many organizations such as Caritas of Austin, Crisis Assistance Ministry, Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, and Homeland Center are charities which assist their communities in times of recession, poverty, and special assistance.
First, Caritas of Austin is a charity that assists millions of women, men, and children who are impoverished. Founded in 1964 by Father Richard McCabe, Caritas began assisting the homeless within the budget of $30,000 funded by Catholic Diocese of Austin. Collaborations from other churches and organizations, including Salvation Army increased. By 1980, staff and volunteers doubled, 100 breakfasts and 300 lunches were being distributed per day, and about 5,000 clients were served annually. Today, Caritas of Austin continues to support the impoverished. (Caritas of Austin) “Caritas serves hot meals every weekday through our Community Kitchen and take-home groceries through our Pantry to individuals and families in need” (Charity Navigator Rating - Caritas of Austin). As a matter of fact, today, this charity provides Housing Services for people who need help maintaining their current home. Other services that have developed through this charity include: Education Services, Employment Services, Food Services, and Refugee Services. Not to mention, Caritas budget has increased reaching its peak of $6.5 million, about 60% from the government and 40% from donations. (Caritas of Austin)
Similarly, to Caritas, Crisis Assistance Ministry (CAM) is a religious affiliated charity that assists people in poverty and in economic hardships. Due to an economic fall in the 1970s, concerns of how to assist families in low income were being brought into discussion. Shortly after, Crisis Assistance Ministry opened and began to address these needs in 1975. Unlike, Caritas, CAM’s prime focus is assisting lower income individuals with financing resources, rather than delivering meals to the homeless. However, CAM does hold a department called “Free Store” which supports their value of dignity by providing clothes and other items such as furniture free of charge, allowing the homeless and families in need to save the money for basic needs. “It is our mission to provide assistance and advocacy for people in financial crisis, helping them move toward self-sufficiency” (Our Mission, Vision…). CAM’s financial assistance program is divided into two categories—rent and utilities. Individuals on the verge of losing their home or apartment are...

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