Human Resource Management And The Impact Of Information Technology

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Human Resource Management and the Impact of Information Technology

Is the impact of information technology changing Human Resource Management? Information, technology impact is changing the whole concept of how the work place is managed, and I will point out the changes and enhancements to Human Resource Management and the employees. The information technology can save everyone time and expense once he or she learns how to use it efficiently. Human Resource will be impacted more than any other department.
Human Resource Department must be a leader in the implementation of emerging technologies. HR departments are harnessing technology to meet their goals to enhance efficiency and reduce cost, but most importantly, they are providing better service to their employees ("HR Logical").
Systems are being implemented in the organizations that allow Human Resource Departments to enhance their efficiency for transportation of data, enabling them to store, manage, and analyze critical employee data without requiring the user to actually maintain the data. The new systems allow employee's access to Human Resource

information. They can retrieve and print information quickly and easily ("HR Logical").
Information technology is transforming the way human resource managers do their jobs. Functions traditionally performed by Human Resource Management has changed or been eliminated due to the new information technology. As a result Human Resource Management has had to change from being personal specialist to becoming internal consultants and analysts who must understand technology and what it can do for their organizations ("IT Changes").
"These new information systems demand a level of technical sophistication and managerial skills far beyond what was required by the simple recording of standardized transactions in stand-alone data files" ("Human Resource Implications"). This new information technology will involve changes in the working process and information flows of the organization ("Human Resource Implications").
Although the information technology is simplifying our lives it is causing problems in areas such as Title structure, Recruitment, testing and selection, performance appraisal, rewards and compensation, training and professional development, which will be discussed in the following paragraphs ("Human Resource Implications").
Title structures are becoming a problem because of the technology requirements of jobs changing so rapidly. Classification standards for one information specialty cannot be effectively established without reference to related fields and to the means by which individual professionals acquire the knowledge. "The full range of information technology and information resource management titles need to be identified and relationships among them explicit before in--depth work on individual titles can be effective" ("Human Resource Implications").
Many jobs are related, to one another in practice, but are not...

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