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Human Resource Management In Social Services

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Coulshed & Mullender (2006, pp158-159) argue that the orienting of new members of staff is sometimes ignored in management literature. This lack of attention to staff induction has been evident in my setting. I have worked for my employers for about 10 years and have never received formal induction training. However over recent years there has been a gradual process to improve this. Initially some personnel sections developed a brief induction package to explain issues like absence reporting, use of flexi leave and working hours. Whether you received this would depend on which geographic area you worked in. More recently this has been formalised with a general induction package developed by our training section and provided annually. This still focuses on conditions of service and is not routinely offered to new workers, but has to be applied for at appropriate times during its rolling programme. Induction to the actual post is dependent upon your line manager and there is no formal standard or monitoring of this. Before being a manager I was a practice teacher. I used to give new students Learning Styles Questionnaires. I found that most students tended to fall somewhere between being pragmatists and activists. I have tried to keep using these and find it a useful tool for creating discussion with new workers. I recognise that this is still not adequate to help new employees develop their roles and I hope to expand on it. Not enough action is being taken by my team to improve the quality of new members and although I do contribute, there should be a more holistic, systematic approach. EVIDENCE.

Consequently, I did not always arrange for students to visit different resources and do the standard induction tour. Instead, I gave them casework, which involved contacting and visiting various agencies. I found that often students learned most successfully when actively participating in a defined task. I recognised the need for a pre task meeting to enable discussion the techniques and reasons for completing the task. After the task, we would use supervision to provide feedback and enable reflection. I have continued to use this method as a manager when supporting new workers. (EVIDENCE) Over the years I have had opportunities to reflect on this during Effective Learning for Social Work Management Module of this course. This encouraged me to look at the work of Kolb (1984) and Honey and Mumford (1982). Much of this reflection and learning has reinforced my technique. However it has also encouraged me to question if I am being negligent by not developing a formal induction package. I have raised this at management team meetings and …. Evidence?
Following induction it is important to provide continuous professional development opportunities including ongoing supervision and appraisal.


The employment relationship plays a vital role in maintaining skilled and motivated workforces, (Clark, 2004). Hawkins and Shohet...

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