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Human Torture Should Be Allowed Essay

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Ten years ago on September 11th, terrorists successfully carried out a plan to kill thousands of innocent American civilians. On that day millions of Americans watched in horror and disbelief. How could something like this happen on American soil? In quick retaliation, President George W. Bush forcefully declared a war against terrorism and specifically against those responsible for the slaughter of his people, Al Qaida. At the head of this organization and architect of “9-11” was a man by the name of Osama Bin Laden. He openly boasted of the devastation he had caused, which in turn enraged the American people. This man eluded us for the past ten years until a little over a week ago President Barack Obama announced to the world that Bin Laden’s life had been taken and his reign of terror had come to an end. After such a long time, how did we finally locate America’s greatest enemy? From critical information we gained through torture.
The Bush administration was responsible for allowing such “enhanced interrogation” techniques to be used directly following the “9-11” attack. "We used this technique on three people, captured a lot of people and used it on three. We gained value; information to protect the country. And it was the right thing to do as far as I'm concerned," former president Bush told reporters in 2010 (Harnden). It was this information that led them to Bin Laden’s courier, which in turn led them to the terrorist himself.
In times of war, when American lives are at risk, the use of torture should be legal. It has been proven to be a valuable tool and it should not be withheld from those risking their lives to protect us. To do so would be wrong. Many people argue otherwise, but fail to realize the full magnitude of evil that surrounds us and understand the severity of action that must take place to keep us safe.
People’s imaginations start to go wild when they hear the word torture. However, there are enhanced interrogation techniques that are more humane than others. Waterboarding, for example, simulates the effect of drowning and is highly recommended by people such as former Vice President Dick Cheney (Defrank). It is highly unpleasant, but breaks no bones and leaves no bruises. It also exposes those performing the interrogation to lesser psychological strain than other methods that could be used would. Torture is accused of being a cancer in society, but if regulated and reserved for the “especially” bad guys, societal homeostasis would be maintained.
Torture also has been accused of not producing reliable information (Hajjar). People argue that people will confess to anything if tortured and even reference events in history such as the Spanish Inquisition. It must be understood that if torture were to be legalized, it would not be used often. It would be reserved for the select few when occasion would arise, that have pertinent information that could help save lives. Bush even mentioned out of the...

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