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Imagine being taken away from your home in the middle of the night by a complete stranger. They tie you up, and stuff you into the back of the car, and drive off. You don’t what is happening, but you’ve heard the stories of all the others being taken from their homes. You thought you were safe, but clearly not. You eventually fall asleep against your own will, but wake up to the sound of muffled screaming and smell of feces. You have no clue where you are, but you know that you aren’t safe here. You here the door slowly creak open, and see a figure of a man and some one behind him. “This is your girl for tonight; she just came in a day ago,” the man explains, “see if you can break her in.” The figure slides by the man while saying “Oh, I sure will” and begins to walk towards you.
What happened in the above scenario is what happens to countless women, men, and children every day. Human trafficking---often called modern day slavery--is a huge problem, however, many people do not know how to combat this problem. Many ideas have been used and thought up of, but none of them seem to work. With human trafficking happening across the global, it is hard to truly put an end to it, especially when so many don’t agree with what we should do. Many argue that in order to stop human trafficking, we must tighten up our borders and be more wary of those who come into the country. They also propose adding more money to the budget to get more law enforcement on our borders. Others disagree. They say if we do all those things, than human trafficking will progressively get worse.
Human trafficking is a growing problem in the United States today and needs to be more addressed by the public. The United States should tighten our borders, put more money into the law enforcement at the borders, be aware of the signs of someone of someone getting smuggled or being kidnapped, and be wary of who they let in and out because of the strong possibility of human traffickers.
Human trafficking is when people are trade and sold to people for labor or sexual purpose. It has been going on for thousands of years, and is currently going on in 161 countries around the globe (Academy for Educational Development). 80% of all victims are used as sexual slaves, and 21% are children. Human trafficking is currently the third largest criminal enterprise in the world, making $32 billion in revenue a year each network ( Trafficking is a clear violation of human rights, ministering severe emotion, psychological, and physical abuse to its victims (Do Something).
Most victims of human trafficking are forced into it, while others are tricked into this business (Do Something). The people who are tricked into it are usually ones brought from another country with the “idea” that they will be making quick and easy money; however, most people who are brought in from human trafficking don’t even see any of the money they earn. Typically, human trafficking can get someone 3-8 years in...

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