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Human Trafficking Essay

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Modern-day Slavery
It's hard for me to conceive that there are bad people who abuse others for their own good. I think that the purest things that human beings possess are: his body, his soul, and the liberty to do his will. When an individual corrupts someone else soul, this one, becomes purest. When an individual corrupts someone else’s body, this one, becomes marked. When we hear about human trafficking what first comes to our mind is a girl from a different country who is been slaved against her will. We think that this phenomenon is something that does not happen here in the United States. Prostitution is not associated with human trafficking because we believe that prostitution is a ...view middle of the document...

Most of these girls are girls around the age of 13 year old who come from a broken down family she has problems with her mom and her father does not live with them so his mom has a boyfriend who hits her. Nobody wants to live in this kind of environment which is why these girls end up running away from home. They do not escape their pimps because they have low self-esteem. These girls have low self-esteem because they believe that nobody respects them for not living in a home environment. They have no were else to go than to the path of prostitution. Rachel Lloyd gives her experience about been a human trafficking victim.
Although she struggled to escape her victimizer she was able to escape and turn her life around. After her recovery, she founded the program called Girls Educational and Mentoring Services (GEMS), where she helps victims recover from all the years in human trafficking. Lloyd also said how it was so difficult for her to fit back into society. She recalls a time when she went to church and she was not properly dresses but she did not know that until four women covered up her legs with clothes. She believed that it was normal the way she was dressed. GEMS will help girls with these kind of problems so they learn how to behave in public after being alienated from society. “The police and prosecutors should focus less on punishing 12 year-old girls and more on their pimps” says Lloyd. The problem will not be solved if the little girls are apprehended, it’s the pimps the ones that control everything and take advantage of the situation. It is really impressive that victims like Lloyd have overcome their tortured and educating many other girls by sharing their experiences.
Second, the article “Missing children rescued from Super Bowl sex trade in FBI sting” was the one that interested me the most because they use a common and very popular event and use it for human trafficking. During the Super Bowl on February 4, 2014, 16 juveniles between the ages of 13 and 17 were rescued before they could be sold into prostitution. These victims were children that had been reported missing by their families and others were from other countries. Victims that have worked before as sex slaves during the Super bowl said that, it was always dangerous been in the side of the team that was losing, because the man would drink more and become more violent which meant they would get hurt the most. Although, most of the children may come from other nations, it is still here in the United States that the prostitution is taking place. Human trafficking is also not only people been forced into prostitution but also people that are brought from their home countries to work for a business company somewhere in the United States. One of the solutions that this article proposes would be to arrest the people who pays for it. Human trafficking is in plane site and it is possible to end it if we would pay more attention to what it is happening around us.

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