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Human Trafficking: What It Really Is

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Human Trafficking is a serious issue that affects people millions of people around the world, no matter of race, color or creed. Human Trafficking can happen in just about any city or neighborhood around the globe, making in one of the most important things currently being discussed today. Many people have different views on Human Trafficking, along with how it should be taking care of. Most people do not quite understand what Human Trafficking really is. “Human Trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery where people profit from the control and exploitation of others.” (Polaris Project) Human Trafficking is a serious issue that happens all over the world. Many people are turned into Human Trafficking. “3 out of every 1,000 persons world wide are in forced labor at any given point in time.” (Unicef) Even though the number at first glance seems to be very little, when you go research it further, only then can you begin to realize, how many people are actually suffering everyday in this living hell. Countless people believe that human trafficking is only women based, but actually “Victims of Human Trafficking in the US include US citizens or foreign nationals, adults or minors and men and women.” (Polaris Project) It is not only the selling and forced labor of women, it also includes minors and men, and yes, it is possible.
The victims of this are affected very heavily. Trafficking victims can suffer from just about anything, ranging from serious physical, exhaustion, and mental abuse, because of everything they are put through. Injuries can include broken bones, concussion, bruising, or burns as well as other injuries that go along with being assaulted. If these injuries are serious enough, they can cause long lasting health problems, which may require long-term treatment. This does not only leave physical injuries, but also long lasting emotional scars within. Certain devastating injuries can cause serious emotional reactions such as stress and depression. “In extreme cases, the mental anguish can lead to self mutilations and/ or suicide. Victims of trafficking often need psychological care.” (SVAW) It can also cost major health problems such as “sexual and reproductive health complications, other gynecological problems and face unwanted pregnancies and miscarriages.” (SVAW)
One of the many things that people are very curious about is, in particular, how people are recruited and who is recruited. The trafficker, offering potential victims false promises, in which the traffickers paint a better picture of life for the potential victim, leading many to believe that the grass is greener on the other side, often recruits people by building relationships filled with false hope. They offer things such as a good job, a better educational opportunity, even marriage, “if potential victim fall for the false promises the trafficker transport the person to another place or country for exploitation.” (pamphlet, ungift) The reality is that anyone...

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