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August 02, 2010, 147 years after slavery was abolished, here in the good old USA. Slavery is still in effect; sure the Underground Railroad is gone. This situation is unfortunately far worse – yet many people are unaware of it. Why? The government is paying little attention. With over 17,500 people involved or affected by modern-day slavery here in the US (Silver 6). With a record breaker of 43% the sex industry is on top of the chart (Quoted by Galuszka 1). Our government should be making more effort. With fake arrange marriage and prostitution on the rise, it leaves a great gap for perverts everywhere. The civil war was once upon a time and we must keep it that way.

Being the most prominent part of the sex industry human trafficking is bubbling. In fact just this past month the number of human trafficking that occurred in South Africa, spiked due to the world cup (Barr and Noren 1). With testosterone and hype in the air any male will say yes to a good rump in the sacks. As we know when things are going on outside our borders, we are bound to feel it claws one way or another. In fact in Ohio, many South Korean women are traffickers forced into the sex industry. They travel from Canada to the south of the US in vehicles providing service (Galuszka 1). Not to mention that fact that the closer we get to the south the more Latino prostitutes show up. Many force into the sex industry to gain the ability to stay in the US. In fact some conservatives believe the immigrants are happy and want to be prostitutes as long as there life and status in the US is secure. True some Latino are ok with the condition in which there living but that does not encourage the kids and teens that are trafficked into prostitution. In fact it’s still wrong even when adults agree to that decision.
In fact in a survey taken in Wisconsin – 54% of Justice System agencies do not take human trafficking as problem in the US( Silver 13).
Survey taken in Wisconsin concerning Justice System Agencies and service provider’s views on human trafficking.
If the justice system lack knowledge on human trafficking how common citizen can know what’s going on. The public needs to know this is serious not just a international problem but here in the US too.

Furthermore the questioning fake arranges marriages that are happening under our very nose. Mail-order in my opinion is a form of human trafficking since some, instance the “husband” send for a “wife” and a poor country girl from Slovakia becomes a victim. Many poor families in the European area especially, need money and the mail order bride is the best option they have for their daughter and too live. So they carry the knowledge that their daughter is safe in the US with a good husband, when for most that’s not the reality. Many young women fall for this stories and imagine themselves in America but in up in an abusive...

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