Human Trafficking And Illeagl Adoption Essay

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Human Trafficking weather it is Illegal adoption or just selling people is the largest growing trade. People don’t usually realize that it is going on because it is over looked or pushed under the rug. There are many people who help in recovering those who are trafficked.
Illegal Adoption usually happens in places with higher population of children like China. The babies involved in the adoption are usually from poor families or orphanages. The babies are usually sold by their parent to an orphanage then by the orphanage to an independent person who will then sell the baby to a couple in the United States. Illegal Adoption usually goes without being noticed because either no one questions the little to no documentation or information of the child’s family or background that is given at the time of adoption. Most parents have no idea they are buying black market babies. There are many movies about Illegal Adoption to prove its awareness A recent one on LMN is Baby for sale and in the movie it goes through the plot of the mother being unable to conceive so they call outside resources to adopt a child from another country and the adoption worker sets a price for money that we would not even believe. After the parents ok the price they will travel to the United States and bring the baby and sell them the baby and they go on with their lives. Sometimes the biological parents of the child has no choice to sell them or they have no idea and the hospital will pretend the baby passed away. It is not fair to the parents of the child or to the child itself, the child will grow up wondering about the parents and the adopted parents would have no idea about the adoption except what was given to them. When adopting a child please look at the documents that they give you or things that look weird in the adoption process. Don’t let people coerce you into buying something that looks unreal just like any other sales you may encounter. Don’t be a victim of an illegal.
Human Trafficking is a growing market here in the United States and in other countries. In the United States, human trafficking is usually pushed under the rug because No one really sees or hears about people being trafficked. The definition of human trafficking is, the illegal practice of human trading in the purpose of prostitution, labor or other forms of exploitation. The elements that make up the trafficking process include recruiting, enticing, transporting, harboring, maintaining, provisioning or obtaining a person. To be a victim of human trafficking, at the end of the process, the individual must find him or herself in a context of exploitation—either being exploited for their labor or for sexual access to their bodies. Accordingly, human trafficking can more or less be divided into two broad categories: labor trafficking and sex trafficking. Last year, the trafficking industry generated 32 billion dollars. That is more than expensive popular shops like google, Nike, and Starbucks...

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