Human Trafficking And The Trade In Sexual Slavery Or Forced Labor

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Human trafficking is the trade in human beings usually for the purpose of sexual slavery or forced labor.

Sex trafficking also known as sex slavery is defined as the exploitation of usually women and children, within national or across international borders, for the purpose of forced sex ( Sex trafficking occurs all around the world, however it is more common in poor countries. Around the world, an estimated two and a half million people are trafficked. Forty-three percent of the 2.5 million people are trafficked strictly for sex. 1.2 million of these people happen to be children. These children are generally trafficked for forced labor with little to no pay or for forced ...view middle of the document...

The fact that so many of the victims are young children is sad and disgusting to in my opinion, to say the least. These children will never get a fair chance at life. In the documentary, Born into a Brothel and a little girl spoke out about her dreams and how much she wanted to be able to attend school. She knew though that the likelihood of that happening was slim to none. At her young age ladies were already asking her when she was going to join the line and telling her that it would not be long before she too became a product. You would think that parents would be trying to protect their children from this industry and some of them do, but there are others who actually offer their children into the industry. In Born into a Brothel, a father actually tried to sell one of his daughters. He did not succeed as she was saved by her sister, but the fact that he attempted to do so is outrageous. People are so poor that they will do anything out of desperation to survive. This is why some parents are willing to offer their children into the trafficking industry regardless of the dangers.
In order to eliminate sex trafficking, more people need to be aware of it. There are already many organizations that...

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