Human Trafficking: The Newest Form Os Slavery

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Human trafficking, the newest form of slavery, had spread across the world, even in Kansas City (UNODC). Human trafficking is a form of forced labor, whether it may be working on farms to working as a prostitute (Kansas City Star). Human trafficking is considered one of the main criminal industries in the world (Polaris Project). Also, there are many forms of trafficking. The most common are sex trafficking or forced labor (Polaris Project). In many situations, traffickers are sex trafficking people and using forced labor (Polaris Project).
In the United States, and the world, human trafficking is an issue that needs to be dealt with. According to the National Human Trafficking Resource ...view middle of the document...

Many of our fruits and vegetables are harvested by human traffickers’ victims, and if we stop buying some of these products, we hurt the reason for human trafficking (Kansas City Star). The Kansas City Star says that 83% of trafficking is sex trafficking, 12% is forced labor, 5% is other. So in reality, most people in trafficking are being sexually abused or selling their bodies to men because they are forced to (Polaris Project). Also, in many cases, traffickers will sexually abuse the victim while forcing labor (Kansas City Star). The Kansas City Star recorded a case of a woman from Mexico who was smuggled in by traffickers. When she got to America, she suffered through years of labor and sexual assaults, and even saw her niece come to the same labor “camp” and go through the same labor and assaults she did (Kansas City Star). She was freed and her and her niece now live in the United States (Kansas City Star). According to the NHTRC, almost 32%, or ⅓, of all cases were foreign born immigrants like the previous case (Polaris Project).

The US Government is putting in a lot more money to stop human trafficking in the big picture. For example, $12.5 million total will go into help stopping human trafficking (Kansas City Star). This is a huge step for human trafficking because many reasons trafficking is still going on is because of lack of funds for programs helping stop it. Of that total, $5.3 million will go to the Department of Justice’s Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit, or 50% more money than last year (Kansas City Star). This is a huge step for stopping human trafficking because with new funds, the...

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