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Human Trafficking: The Unknown Essay

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Will our society ever truly know how many underlying situations are rapidly conquering the world, or will we wait to address them after it has already taken over our lives? Everyday hundreds of millions of objects and souls are being transported and sold between countries and people. These dreadful deals include exchanging drugs, animals, weapons, and the most heinous, humans. Human trafficking is an expanding situation that objectifies and hinders one’s rights and free will to experience life.
With gathered information, it is known that human trafficking is becoming the second most trafficked item in the world after drugs. Humans, that share the same flesh as you and I, have their souls ...view middle of the document...

Benders trafficker had tricked her into believing that he loved and cared about her when he truly had already planned to force her into prostitution. During those six miserable years, Bender had been traded between pimps, arrested on several occasions, hospitalized, and unsuccessfully tried to escape four times. Benders “boyfriend” had psychologically lured her in by faking love and getting her to move into his apartment. He had purposely gained her trust and quickly used it against her to throw yet another helpless woman in the vicious business of human trafficking.
In some cases, victims do not even need to be lured in because someone has already made their decision for them. From various sources, it is said that many victims are trafficked by people they know, especially family members. Families can give up their children to sex slavery or involuntary labor due to poverty, being in debt, or having too many children. Children, not even old enough to make a decision for themselves, are happily given away by their parents for an exchange of mere pocket change.
Upon researching this scandalous topic of human trafficking, Kieu, a twelve year old girl from Cambodia, shared her story with Tim Hume. In the case of this ill-fated adolescent, she had no say in what her future would hold. Her mother, Neoung, had sold her virginity to a man who raped her for two days, and this was only her first job. Although her mother said it was “heartbreaking” to sell her daughter, the family was in debt and she continued to sell her daughter in exchange for money. To add to her torture, Neoung shipped Kieu away to more brothels where she was held like a prisoner and forced to please a number of men per day. A tired and broken soul, Kieu decided to leave her home when she learned that her mother had planned to send her on another “job” for six months.
This young child could not control her destiny, for her mother had already decided to put her daughter’s virginity up for sale. Like similar cases, the parent was stuck in debt and thoughtlessly made the decision to gain money by using her daughter’s body. Kieu was not taken or abducted, but given away by her fully aware mother to men who invaded her privacy and robbed her trust for any other human being.
Although the way victims are tricked or forced into being trafficked is appalling, it is not the most disheartening part of this monstrous crime. Accumulated from diverse sources, it is known that once becoming the property of the victim’s new owner, their entire personality is stripped from them. In many cases, the victim even loses their name and is required to live with the new identity forced upon them. In order to keep their masters happy, they must change their wardrobe into skimpy clothing that exposes their bodies to attract and please the customers. In addition to changing their personalities and clothes, they are also dehumanized by being chained to different pieces of furniture or to the wall. To...

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