Human Vs Reality Essay

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Lara Jane Arellano Ms Stuart DATE \@ "d MMMM y" 16 June 2014Altered Reality - Human V NatureThe artwork that I have created is called You don't know what they are. The artwork I have created is pencil and charcoal on paper with a dimension of 29.7 x 42 cm. Nature is full of colour and wonder, they are full of beauty but every beauty will always be evil. In the artwork I have created I am highlighting the issue of drugs, illicit plants. Many young teenagers are using illicit plants because they want to impress someone, there were pressured or want to fit in with someone. They use illicit drugs for these reasons without knowing what they can do to their body. In my artwork, I have created a portrait of a person with an unknown gender is being affected by drugs. The plants and leaves in the artwork are the illicit drugs, I made them look like a normal leaves because illicit plant also look like any other plants. My artwork shows the before and after a person has taken a drugs. The person in the portrait is having a diverse reactions from drugs. The plants on the foreheads are the illicit drugs that triggers the brain. The different expression of the person on the portrait depicts the state of a person before and after the have taken illicit plants. The right side with an expression of fright and in agony is the side where the illicit plants is consumed and taking affect and devouring the side of the face. The other side of the face which is the left side is the condition of a person before it has a taken drug. The left side is clean with its eyes gazing at the viewer . The use of very dark background emphasise the portrait and the lack of background will...

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983 words - 4 pages practice it, although some adults experience a "mid-life crisis" at this point. (Boeree)The last stage (Integrity vs. Despair) occurs during Late Adulthood until death. At this point in the adult's life they have come to terms that is death an unavoidable reality, and have a sense of fulfillment towards their life thus far. (Winters) Adults in this stage are retiring from their jobs, ending their jobs as raising children, becoming fearful of things

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808 words - 4 pages Appearance Vs. Reality Throughout the course of their life, every human being will experience a time during which they are deceived by what appears to be true, while there is an underlying reality that they are utterly unaware of. People use words, actions, and emotions to deceive people into believing they are genuine thus keep reality concealed. In William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, the dichotomy of appearance vs. reality is incessantly used

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939 words - 4 pages to him, thus resulting in the rejection of reality. I FEEL IT IS A LITTLE BIT SUDDEN HERE WHEN YOU TURN TO THE THESIS FROM THE DISCUSSION ABOVE. MAYBE USE A TRANSITION? In the story, Hawthorne uses the imagery of nature to develop the theme of appearance vs. reality. DO NOT  START WITH THE WORDS "IN THE STORY" OR "I BELIEVE" OR “I SAY”. I say this because the forest plays a role in exposing the reality that Goodman Brown rejects. He went in a

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