Humane Migration For Citizens Around The World

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Studies have been conducted on the definition of humane migration and how to achieve this in countries around the world. However, contradictory studies have been found to show that many people are displeased with the rate people are migrating as the years proceed. To understand how both of these viewpoints affect the IOM and their work with countries around the world, both viewpoints should be taken into consideration. This paper examines the studies that are for humane migration around the world to propose that additional research needs to be conducted to better understand the viewpoints these authors are making.

Literature Review
The book Globalization: The Making of World Society by Frank J. Lechner written in 2009, explores the dimensions of globalization and the debated issues that surround it. Lechner argues that globalization involves people becoming connected through a sharing of ideas and cultures. This sharing of ideas and cultures is what humane migration aims to do. Lechner claims that globalization involves interdependence of people around the world and that citizens need to work together, regardless of their nationality. Frank J. Lechner has a PhD in sociology and has published three books about globalization and the world society. This book is fairly recent and was published in 2009. Its ideas of globalization are up to date and include statistics and research from previous years. Lechner seems to present an unbiased opinion throughout most of his book, but because some of the book is based off of his personal beliefs, some bias seems to be inevitable. Human migration could be executed by using Lechner’s ideas of globalization forcing people to become interdependent on each other. IOM could simplify its multitude of programs and preach interdependence and sharing of ideas to both sides of this argument, presenting the benefits that this could eventually create in our country.
The article “Borders, Globalization and Eucharistic Hospitality,” by Claudio Carvalhaes written in 2010, explores how borders are everywhere around the world and migration is bound to happen in every country. Carvalhaes discusses the concept of how borders allow interaction between the inside and the outside because of border conditions. He explains the idea of “borderless-borders” and how countries need to welcome the strangers. He believes that being hospitable to these migrants is important because many of them are displaced. Claudio Carvalhaes is the founding pastor of Christ is Life Presbyterian Church and works in peacemaking and immigrant group ministries. He is the US editor for a Hispanic/English/Portuguese theology website and has published articles in all these languages on globalization and immigration. He also created a congregation from scratch that could reach out to the Portuguese speaking community about theological ideals. This article was published in 2010 and has fairly up-to-date arguments in relation to migration and...

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