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Humanistic And Social Development Essay

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The humanistic and social development curriculums are both excellent ways to design a physical education class. The humanistic approach focuses on helping students reach their maximum potential. This approach believes learning is viewed as a personal act to fulfill one’s potential. On the other hand, the social development curriculum is designed for students to interact with peers to develop in a positive way. Social development is the process of change exhibited by individuals resulting from their interaction with other individuals. These two curriculums are often interrelated. For instance, by developing socially, you can positively impact you’re self-esteem. Therefore, by increasing your self-esteem, you can reach your full potential easier.
When taking a closer look at the humanistic teaching approach, you’ll discover five key components. These include choice or control, felt concern, the whole person, self-evaluation, and teaching as a facilitator. To begin, choice or control emphasizes more self-choice on the student. For example, you may let the student choose between different activities to participate in during physical education class. For instance you can have them choose if they want to play basketball or soccer. Next, you need to have felt concern for your students. This means that you focus on the concern’s and interests of the students. If it’s January and you know your students enjoy going outside in the snow, then take your students for an outdoor hike. Having felt concern for your students leads us to the next point, learning about the whole person. In order to focus on the interests of your students, you need to learn about your students. You must know each student by name and take time to get to know them better. This means by communicating with them each personally. You could ask if they did any fun physical activity over the weekend that they would like to share with the class. Another way to look at the humanistic teaching approach is by self-evaluation. This can be achieved by having students evaluate their learning process. Have students set individual goals in the beginning of the year, so they have something to work towards as the year progresses. For instance, if a student can only run one lap around track, he or she may she their goal to be able to run two laps without stopping by the end of the year. At the end of the year if the student has achieved his or her goal, they will feel very accomplished. And finally, you must teach as a facilitator. This means to be more supportive than critical, be more understanding than judgmental, and be more genuine than playing a role. By being a positive role model to your students, they will look to you as an inspiration instead of a teacher that bosses them around. By following these five concepts you will be teaching in a humanistic manner.
Furthermore, the social development curriculum is another great way to plan a physical education class. By creating a positive social...

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