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Humanitarian Organizations: United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef)

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What is UNICEF?
United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is an organization that was founded in 1946, after the World War II to help children and make sure they have food, water and needed health care. Today, UNICEF is active in 191 countries all over the world and it helps children have better lives by providing them with food, clean water, education and trying to prevent spreading of diseases like Malaria and HIV/AIDS.
However, UNICEF doesn’t help children directly. As United Nation’s website says: “Each country office carries out UNICEF’s mission through a unique program of cooperation developed with the host government” (“UNICEF’s Presence in the World,” n.d.). So, UNICEF’s work is not the same in every country. In each country, government, with the help from UNICEF, focuses on things that are most needed by children in that particular country.
This very well-known organization was founded almost 70 years ago. It all started after the World War II. Primarily, UNICEF was established to help children who suffered after the war. Some of the first countries to receive help from UNICEF were Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia and Germany. Those were the countries devastated by war and children were dying from hunger, cold or lack of health care and proper medicine to treat diseases (“Our History,” n.d., para. 1).
UNICEF stands for United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund which was organization’s primary name. This suggests that United Nations didn’t plan for it to become what it is today. It was supposed to be a temporary emergency fund for the past war time, but it turned out to be much more than that. After they felt like they did their job, UN was ready to close down the organization. But there were people who didn’t think that was a good idea. One of them was a Pakistani delegate who said “How could the task of international action for children be regarded as complete when so many millions of children in Africa, Asia and Latin America languished in sickness and hunger, not because of war, but because of the age-old problem of poverty?” (“Fifty years for children,” n.d., para. 7). These words made them realize that the war was not the only problem and the reason so many kids die every year. This was an important event in UNICEF’s history and in 1953 it changed its name to United Nations Children’s Fund and became an organization it is today.
UNICEF’s approach has changed over the years. First, mass campaigns were the way of informing people about problems like epidemic diseases and such. Later, it included help from countries that had more money, and after that they started focusing on individuals. Every person is as important as everyone else when it comes to helping those in need.
Food, shelter and other basic things in life are not enough for children to live good and healthy lives. UNICEF realized that education was very needed for children in developing countries so in 1961 they started focusing on building...

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