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Humanities Essay

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You all know about the discovery of North America by the European explorers, yes? But did you know that the Europeans were NOT the first ones to sail to the unknown lands that we live in now? It was ancient people, like the Vikings, for example. While we could say that it was discovered twice, that would be dumb. There was simply a lack of communication. So with that in mind, the whole point of this is: Discoveries can never be truly repeated. We’ve seen so many things, and we have records of discoveries from even a millennium ago. You may have some opinions that say otherwise, but right now, hear me out. You can't discover something multiple times. It just cannot be done. And are we really that likely to forget something, when we have all these records? And what is a discovery if it’s not new?

It’s difficult to try to think of something that has been discovered twice, right? Cell phones, maps, candles, all have been invented once. It’s impossible to discover something a second time. Once something has been discovered, all you can do is improve upon the idea. Cellphones have come a long way from being those big, bulky things. Today, they’re like tiny computers, fitting in your pocket and being able to go wherever you go. Furthermore, we’ve already discovered places like America. Its initial unearthing was legendary. You certainly cannot discover that again, especially with first world countries living on its lands. It would be an atrocity to any American, Canadian, or Mexican to even think that you could rediscover America in modern times. Other breakthroughs fall within this category. But these examples are enough to show that once discovered or invented, it will not, and cannot, happen again.
I’m sure many of us have heard of the Hubble telescope. It exists, albeit in outer space, but since it was launched and cost us plenty of money, we have reports on it. We’ve seen so many new things from its perspective. And since we have these records, are we really going to forget such a big thing? No. It took so much conscientious work, why would we forget it at all? With all the inventions and discoveries we’ve made, there’s a written journal on them somewhere. And that record, as long as it exists, is not going to let us forget about humanity’s discoveries. Plus, these are evidence to the original item’s unveiling. Without the evidence, you can’t make something that’s never been done before.
Discoveries are always...

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