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HumanitiesValeria RamirezHUM/10211/23/14Thomas UskaliHumanities in Today's SocietyHumanities are "an approach to study which emphasizes ideas and values through analysis of modes of cultural expression, philosophical and religious thought, and modes of human communication." Which this is the definition we are told on our textbooks, etc. As for what I believe humanities is the study of how someone interprets the world around them. Throughout the years there has been countless of people studying and learning about humanities. There are many different ways to do so. With art, music, architecture, philosophy, and literature. Being that said there are other modes of human inquiry and expression as well. "Other modes of human inquiry are based off of proven facts and scientific theories. A person's interpretation has little to do with science" (Humanities Today).Art and music are what makes a lot of people express themselves. It is what gives a certain individual a chance to show what they want. Without art or music we would probably live in a very dull world. One example I thought of not sure if it is relevant or not was Taylor Swift's 1989 album. There was so much talk about that album that it exceeded anyone's expectations. Even probably hers. Some people may like her music while others do not like it at all. But let's all be honest, who can say that we have sold more than a million copies in a week. No one can expect her. She makes music that talks to people. Makes them relate to it and understand it much more. That is why it is such an amazing job she has done and were doing.As for art there are so many different ways of art around us. We may not see it all sometimes because we are caught up in something that is probably meaningless. An example, I thought of was the fashion shows that were happening in New York and Paris. That is a form of art, its fashion. I have some knowledge with fashion having taken a fashion class for about three years. There is no much to learn and so many different things to do with what you learn. In a fashion show, you see all different art. It is a way of the fashion designers showing off their work. They first, of course, had to draw it which they use art to do so. Just the same way when they create their fashion show. With every detail, you can see that person's imagination...

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742 words - 3 pages the past and also the great things people accomplished. However, with the never-ending demands of new technology and invention, the society is starting to pay less attention to the importance of arts and humanities. Therefore generations today are lacking the knowledge of these subjects. As a result, generations today without arts and humanities are lacking the ability of critical thinking as well as how the world revolves around us, and the

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1523 words - 6 pages humanities as: the branches of learning (as philosophy, arts, or languages) that investigate human constructs and concerns as opposed to natural processes (as in physics or chemistry) and social relations (as in anthropology or economics) (652). This was the third definition of the word. The definition defines the humanities the best, as we know them today. But Spayde has another very interesting way to define the Humanities. He defines the

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1711 words - 7 pages “SCIENCE HAS BOMBS, and humanities have Britney Spears” (Kershner as cited in Purvis, 2004). This amusing comment, made during a professorial debate concerning which discipline was superior, epitomises the divide that exists between the humanities and sciences. Although the debate has its roots in the Industrial Revolution, in more recent times it was signalled by Snow’s (1959; 1964) discussion outlining the dysfunctional gulf that exists

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1052 words - 5 pages American anthropologist Clifford Geertz once said, “I think the perception of there being a deep gulf between science and the humanities is false.” This statement could not be more true. Most people consider the sciences and the humanities to be completely unrelated, but in fact they complement each other splendidly. The sciences strive to explain the universe and all of its constituents through observation and experiment. The humanities

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Humanities Today Essay

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Humanities Today Essay

696 words - 3 pages enabling them to create blueprints in a fraction of the time it used to take. Things such as pre-manufactured lumber are making it easier to erect houses in less time each and every day.Philosophy is deeply rooted and at home in the humanities. If Martin Luther had never followed and believed in his own philosophy, where would the religious world be today? Capitalism is a modern and widespread philosophy in the world today. Many individuals involved in

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1261 words - 5 pages Humanities are branches of knowledge that investigate human beings, their culture, and their self-expression. Distinguished from the physical and biological sciences and, sometimes, from the social sciences, the humanities include the study of languages and literatures, the arts, history, and philosophy. The modern conception of the humanities has roots in the classical Greek paideia, a course in general education dating from the fifth century

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1333 words - 5 pages Humanities TodayThe Encyclopedia Britannica (2006) defines the humanities as "Branches of knowledge that investigate human beings, their culture, and their self-expression." (Humanities). Those branches of knowledge include philosophy, literature, languages, the arts, religion and history. The humanities examine the human condition by studying the elements of culture that describe what is or was valued and considered important at a particular