Humanity And Endangered Animals Essay

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The National Wildlife Federation lists an endangered animals as a genus that may be eradicated by leaving an insufficient quantity to reproduce or obliterating the species in it entirety ("Endangered animals act," para 1). In the United States alone there are 70 mammals that are recorded as endangered; however the foreign number exceeds 250 (US Fish and Wildlife Service, 2014). The extinction process could be correlated to a natural route; however extinction may also transpire due to environmental differences. Climate variations producing even slight changes in characteristics may have an extreme consequence on an endangered species. Loss of habitation also ...view middle of the document...

However, National Geographic provided the required statistics on how wildlife becomes extinct due to an unnatural method.
Analysis. In an endeavor to sustain the energy requirements of our world’s population; we have generated ecological issues. Our use of fossil fuel produces atmospheric contaminants that increase the concentration of acids in the air. The result is acid rain which deposit toxic substances in soils and water causing both to become acidic and incapable of sustaining life. As a result, fish, fowl, and aquatic life may suffer or perish. Wildlife that subsist on one type of nourishment and cannot adapt to an alternative will expire. In addition to the burning of fossil fuels, agriculture, and deforestation have impacted our environmental quality. (Knox & Marston, 2012, pp. 120-134). As an outcome global warming; several species of animals are experiencing changes to their environment. The degeneration of habitat and decline of food sources has negatively affected the numerous endangered or threatened species.
As land is cleared for fuel, agricultural, grazing, mining, infrastructure building, and energy production is impacting our wooded areas. (Knox & Marston, 2012, pp. 134-139). This upsets the biological diversity of an environment, and aids in the loss of habitat to endangered animals. This loss enables the infringement of wild animals into human locality.
Environmental sustainability the expression that unites the ethics of intergenerational justness with responsibility to conserve resources and landscapes for our children’s future. Sustainable progress comprises of using conservation, economic, and societal procedures to avert environmental degradation at the same time stimulating economic growth and equal opportunity. This development enforces that economic development and variation would transpire when the environmental effects are nonthreatening or controllable, and are equally distributed across classes and counties. This would mean...

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