Humanity Of To Be Or Not To Be William Shakespeare

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COMPANY POLICIESNotwithstanding the authorities vested in this "Company Policy Manual", the Managing Director, at his discretion, can transfer or change these authorities to suit specific situations.House RulesWe at LANtech wish to provide a healthy, safe and efficient workplace for all staff. As such it is our responsibility to have rules or codes of conduct which support this, with a fair and transparent disciplinary policy to underpin it.The following House Rules are intended to clarify what is and is not acceptable behavior. When in doubt, consider the impact your behavior could have on others or the company as a whole, or ask your Manager.These House Rules will be amended by the employer from time to time as is necessary. Staff will be notified of any changes.Attendance & PunctualityYou are all a part of the LANtech's team. Therefore, to enhance teamwork, all personnel are expected to be at work in accordance with the established and negotiated hours of work.Leave of AbsenceAll requests should be discussed with your Manager for approval depending on the customer's requirements at the time.Bereavement LeaveLeave on ordinary pay of up to a maximum of five 8 hour days shall be allowed on the production of satisfactory evidence of the death of the employee's spouse, parent, child, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother, sister or grandparent.Other AbsencesOther special purpose leave with or without pay may be provided under special circumstances at the discretion of the Management.OvertimeDue to the nature of our business, overtime is worked as and when a project requires, and all personnel will cooperate with project requirements.Claims/payments for overtime are made according to the following criteria;A. The overtime claim form must include the date, time, ticket number and customer. The response in the ticketing system MUST BE SELECTED AS OVERTIME - if you don't do this, the customer will not be charged at overtime rates, and then your overtime claim may be rejected.B. All overtime rates are at time and a half.C. Overtime is not paid until the 20th of the month following invoice. If the client pays earlier than this, then an exception can be made. If the client will not pay at all, then the hours are reimbursed as time in lieu.D. The client must be made aware of the charge rate change if you perform work after-hours, BEFORE you do so. If a job runs over standard business hours, and the client will not pay extra, it will be treated as time in lieu.PerformanceThe performance of all personnel will be monitored by their Manager and individual feedback given.QualityAll personnel will give the Quality program high priority and full co-operation is to be given to the Quality Policy and its objectives. It is mandatory to work within the Quality System and stop all processes and procedures that do not conform until satisfactory corrective action is taken.Personal ConductAs part of your employment responsibilities you are expected as a team member...

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To Be or Not To Be Loved

1530 words - 6 pages talks in circles, leading Polonius to believe that Hamlet is truly nuts. Hamlet’s intends to make everyone think that he is crazy so they won’t suspect that he is really out to avenge his father’s death. Ophelia waits for Hamlet to walk by and pretends to be reading a prayer book. Seeing this, Hamlet launches into his most famous soliloquies: To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer The

To be, or not to be

1507 words - 6 pages Colorado. Four days later, Smith committed suicide (Daleski 171). Smith had not wanted to be tried for his murder. This experience is particularly interesting when one compares it to Conrad's short story, "The Secret Sharer". Conrad directly used his knowledge of the occurrences aboard the Cutty Sark for that particular story."The Secret Sharer" is a psychological masterpiece that dramatizes the act of sympathetic identification with an outlaw. Also

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1047 words - 5 pages Tragic death plays a really big role in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Hamlet often considers death in many different perspectives, and definitely obsesses with the idea more so after his fathers’ death. Hamlet’s soliloquy is one of the most famous in literature, “To be or not to be, that is the question…” Hamlet’s dilemma is the pain of life that he must endure or the uncertainty of death. From the beginning of the play to the very last scene

To be or not to be

867 words - 4 pages In perhaps the most quoted line in all of literature, "To be or not to be" (3.1, line 64), Hamlet contemplates suicide. Hamlet ponders whether he should simply end the sorrows of his life quickly, i.e. suicide, or continue his life and let fortune either alleviate these struggles or continue to add more sorrows. When we last saw Hamlet, he cursed himself for his lack of resolve and action. He watched an actor weep and moan across the stage in

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1935 words - 8 pages pretty to succeed. In our time today you rarely see unattractive; politicians, movie stars, musicians, officials or entertainers. Anybody who is somebody these days has attractive physical qualities. In Marge Piercy’s poem she states “ She was healthy, tested intelligent, possessed strong arms and back, abundant sexual drive and manual dexterity.”(Piercy 7-9) If a young lady possesses all of these things then why would she not feel that she was

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741 words - 3 pages Shakespeare's "To be, or not to be" speech can be interpreted in many different ways. In the Gibson, Jacobi, and Branagh versions, senses of depression, contemplation, and vengeance were conveyed. All of the emotions represented by the actors were appropriate, given the mental and physical states of Hamlet in the context of the play.In the Mel Gibson version, Hamlet was portrayed as a depressed and suicidal individual. He wore a black, leathery

To Be Or Not To Be Insane

733 words - 3 pages tale unfolds, it becomes clear that the endeavor heavily taxes his mind and pushes him to the brink of madness. After his encounter with the ghost of his father, Hamlet becomes increasingly consternated and paranoid. This is clear when he questions if “the spirit that [he has] seen / May be the devil” (2.2.50) because he believes the devil may have tricked him by assuming “a pleasing shape” (2.2.50). However, Hamlet’s self-doubt quickly twists

To Be Or Not To Be is the title. This

673 words - 3 pages ,constructed two distinct plays, Richard II and Henry IV.Throughout these plays it is evident that Shakespeare doesnot agree with the idea of having an absolute monarchy, andespecially does not agree with the way these kings rule.There are several obvious clues in Richard II thatsuggests Shakespeare disapproved of the way Richard ruledhis country. During the feud between Bolingbroke andMowbray, Richard makes a split second decision to bring theduel to a

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1658 words - 7 pages depression and the age of the patient. The side effects also vary depending on the patient. One source states that, “teenagers on antidepressants should be monitored for any sign that the depression is getting worse” (HelpGuide.Org). Many teens are depressed from causes of neglect. Some may feel that their parents are not around as much as they should be. Depressed teens should be watched closely and if the parent or parents are not available to keep a

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1775 words - 7 pages violence, and surveys show that they believe swift and harsh punishment is the most appropriate and effective means to these ends.The death penalty, or as it is sometimes being called ' capital punishment ' is the hardest punishment that could be received when a person is convicted of a capital offense. Until recently it did not exist in New York State but after new governor, George Pataki was elected he managed to bring it back. Since September

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650 words - 3 pages many advantages in safety when compared with other vehicles. Many of the vehicles are equipped with four wheel drive. These vehicles handle better in the rain and snow or whatever extreme conditions a motorist may encounter. There is more traction because of the four wheel drive therefore better control over the vehicle in those conditions. Also due to the vast amount of space from the ground to the bottom of the vehicle, there is less chance of

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740 words - 3 pages reenactment of his father’s death in the play will make his uncle squirm in uncomfortableness. That way, Hamlet will have enough proof to be able to see if his uncle is guilty or not and therefore, won’t have any regrets or guilt about killing the man. Hamlet mentions how he wants to capture the conscious of the King and end his life. The third soliloquy from the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare has the theme of life. Hamlet walks in and starts to

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1235 words - 5 pages William Shakespeare’s “To be, or not to be” soliloquy delivered by our lead character Hamlet is arguably the most popular soliloquy in all of literature, but is it? The question isn’t if it is the most popular in all of literature, but is it even a true soliloquy? Is it even original thought by Shakespeare? We will examine these questions in greater detail by scrutinizing articles written about these very topics and see if there is any validity

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1191 words - 5 pages Theme: Hamlet is one of the most celebrated tragediesfilled with several different themes and isfull of varying imagery.I. IntroductionII. ThemesA. DeceptionB. RevengeC. Appearance vs. realityD. Ambition and powerE. Disease and poisonIII. DeathIV. ImageryA. MetaphorsB. SimilesC. ImagesV. Conclusion."To Be or Not To Be.'Hamlet is one of Shakespeare's most celebrated tragedies. Written in 1602 during the English civil war, it was first believed a

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1285 words - 5 pages truthfully. Hamlet’s characteristic of indecisiveness is the most prevalent in his famous “to be or not to be” (III, i, 67) soliloquy. In his speech, Hamlet struggles with his choices of living or committing suicide. He compares death to sleep when he exclaims, “by a sleep to say we end the heartache, and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to” (III, i, 61-64). At this moment, Hamlet longs to end his miserable life due to his mother’s new