Humanity's Downfall Essay

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As the global economy continues to improve, poverty is seen as a threat to many worldwide. Poverty can easily lead to poor health, younger deaths, and social dependency of the many people considered to be living in poverty (Pogge, 2006). The world economy is slowly allowing for the rich to become much richer, and the poor and struggling to achieve poverty line levels. Seventy-five percent of wealth in the world is claimed by only one fifth of the world's population. In turn, this means sixty percent of the population holds fifteen percent of the wealth, and to make matters worse, only five percent of this wealth is held by the poorest half of the world population (Shah, 2013). Poverty is defined by the United States Census by the measurement of economic well-being of an individual person, family, or nation. The poverty line measures by percentages; one hundred percent is equivalent to the actual poverty line, and any percentage below 100% is considered to be living in poverty. The line for poverty increases or decreases depending on region and number of people in a family (DeNavas-Walt, Smith, & Proctor, 2012). Global poverty has many causes, effects, and many attempts have been made to dissolve the issue,and unless global poverty ends the idea of corruption will increase drastically.
Many different causes of poverty appear throughout the world. A charts showing the average income of four races including white, black, asian, and hispanic, shows just how nondiverse the earnings appear of different races throughout the United States. The data also shows the earning as recessions occur, and the income of the average household not dependant upon race. The Asian population makes the most annual salary on average, however during the recessions their income drops the most dramatically. The white population obtain the next highest salary, and are above the average. DOWNFALL 3
Hispanic and black households make considerably less than the average population according to the same chart (DeNavas-Walt, Smith, & Proctor, 2012).
In the same matter, many aspects should be considered when first describing a country in poverty. Poverty can be caused by a multitude of problems all countries face for example war, land incapable of fertile, illnesses or pandemics, and the loss of basic needs the environment would normally support (Finley, 2008). The United States has faced poverty throughout the nation’s development. In the United States the three social classes are changing daily. Now, in 2013, the wealthiest fifth of Americans account for more than nine tenths of the nations wealth, due to this the social classes are completely unproportional. Each social class has changed drastically; the wealthy class is small and possess much more wealth, the middle class is struggling, and the lower class is unfortunately growing at an extremely rapid rate, and is present barely above the poverty line and everything below the line (Chery, 2013).

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