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Humankind Will Ultimately Become A Prisoner Of His Technology

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To my beloved daughter,
I am writing to you whilst confined within these white walls which express so called mental instability. Coerced to contemplate my wrongdoings, I have come to a realisation. The sole meaning of humanity has altered, potentially for the worse. So, what does being a human actually mean anymore? Are we no longer considered humane?
Twenty years ago on that fateful night, I was apprehended whilst strolling through the neighbourhood to sedate myself after losing fifty thousand dollars. Absolutely nothing would erase the guilt from my conscience. A police car approached me which was a rare sight indeed. Asked for my occupation, I answered writer, but since literature had ceased to exist, my answer rendered me unemployed. Incredulous as it may sound, but strolling around the neighbourhood instead of being infatuated with and watching television demonstrates antisocial and subversive behaviour. Being classified as a sociopath, I was forced to receive rehabilitation at the Psychiatric Centre for Research on Regressive Tendencies. Technology has deemed me unfit to live in society; hence life in ‘rehabilitation’ is where I will spend the remainder of my days.
From the moment that you are brought into this world, you will come to realise that our race is no longer alone on this planet. Technology has been integrated into our daily lives to the point where we are no longer fit to survive without their presence. Our infatuation with technology may have paved the pathway for humanity to become prisoners of technology.
Unused and unmaintained, the sidewalk has shattered, with grass reaching for the limitless sky. Comparatively, society has begun to crumble. There is no longer a necessity to leave your home to be entertained. It is all available directly to you, in the comfort your own home. TV has lowered the crime rate as demonstrated by the lack of police cars, however as television limits human interaction and interpersonal exploration, it also contains a drawback of dehumanization. The level of human interaction between individuals has deteriorated since the creation of far superior technology. These cyborgs are more intelligent than us; they are more powerful than us, but most frighteningly, their lack of emotions allows them to be completely merciless.
With technology possessing far greater capability to perform tasks, they have replaced the majority of the human race, rendering them futile. For the humans that are unemployed, they no longer have an enjoyable...

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