Humans And Monsters, The Real And The Truth Who Is Really Evil Lakeland 2017 Lit And Comp

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Di Paterio 1
Barbara Di Paterio
Professor Hayes
Literature and Composition
8 November 2017
Word Count: 473
Who is Evil?
Paul walks into the room and suddenly the smell turns into death. It turns cold; everyone begins to stare. He slugs over to his table and plops down. Paul looks like he has not taken a shower in weeks or even brushed his teeth. He has stains on his shirt from his one-dollar burrito he got from McDonald’s. He does not even look human or even alive. As the day goes on he is rude to everyone who walks by. He is yelling at workers and not even trying to have a good day. One point throughout the day, he actually steals a co-workers lunch from the fridge and eats it all. In the room next to the bathroom there are co-workers talking about Paul saying he is rude and even like a monster. Paul overhears and leaves work pissed off.
As Paul enters the parking lot he smashes his co-worker’s tires screaming, “ I hate you all, go to hell”.
When Paul enters his car, the ground shakes beneath him. The sky turns grey and the wind picks up in speed. In front of Paul a black seven-legged beast that is 6 feet tall appears. The beast is covered in black fur with slime on its legs.
This is a monster.
The beast comes closer to Paul and picks up his car and throws it across the parking lot. The...

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