Humans And The Decline Of Biodiversity

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In the early mornings, animals of all different species can be seen roaming around any normal suburban back yard. The common animals that can be observed are rabbits, squirrels, birds and many more. What if those animals slowly started to disappear never to be seen again? This is the sad truth that is starting to unfold on planet earth. Earth is currently undergoing one of the largest mass extinctions in the history books. Why is this not being placed on the front page of every newspaper? The answer to that question is time. Humans do not take as much notice of things that happen over the course of millions and billions of years, because those same humans will not be around long enough to see the damage that is being caused here and now. These extinctions happen over millions of years, and even a few species dying every year is enough to add up over the course of millions of years. With this waning state of diversity on the planet earth, how will it affect all of humankind. Together with all of these other species a web has been formed, and although it is an extremely large and convoluted web it is also very fragile. The biosphere of Earth is just one potential species death away from catastrophic consequences in some cases, but the issues are still not addressed. Humankind’s overuse of planetary resources is part of the problem, but it is definitely not the only problem. Every step we take can have a potentially devastating impact on the environment. A few of the main problems facing our decrease in biodiversity are pollution, natural habitat destruction, and unsafe environmental practices such as drilling for fossil fuels or various precious minerals. Something must be done to help conserve the biodiversity on Earth before the fragile biosphere crumbles and humankind becomes part of the next great mass extinction.
Mining is one of the largest industries in the world, and that is especially true if crude oil mining is taken into consideration. Mining technologies have come a long way since their inception into use, but they still cause untold damage on a global scale. Mining not only requires deforestation in many areas, but it also causes damage to the ground at that site. This can have great impact on the ecosystem of that area because it not only can kill the animals that are already living underground in that area, but it can also make that piece of land unlivable for future generations. This is not even taking into consideration the amount of toxins that leak out of the ground during oil mining, or substances that may leak from the vehicles. There is also the issue of the large amounts of coolant that are required to lubricate some drill bits as they attempt to bore deeply into the outer crust of the earth. All of this combined pollution makes the physical scarring to the earth begin to look like a drop in the proverbial bucket, but the scarring to the earth is not only superficial. When drill bits break into the earth they cause...

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