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Humans Are Heating The Earth Essay

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Global warming isn’t just the warming of earth’s atmosphere, but also weather conditions which are out of the ordinary. Many people agree global warming is happening, but they cannot agree on what is causing it. Some people reject the subject entirely saying the definition has changed too much over the years for comfort, but many say that it is a developing subject, one in which we do not know all of the details of yet. Many people believe that global warming is happening and is caused by humans and their lifestyle.
At least once a year a news story comes on to remind us about the hole in the ozone layer and how global warming is here and in full effect. This has been proven true by numerous studies and satellite images show proof that there is a hole in the ozone layer. The hole in the ozone layer is normally said to allow abnormally high amounts of solar energy into the atmosphere and become trapped in causing the temperature to heat up. Studies have even shown that the hole is getting bigger, which can potentially lead to a steeper increase in temperatures. These same studies have also simulated an increase in emissions in which the effects of climate change will be felt harder and faster than ever before. There has also been some concerns voice about weather or not the gases could damage the water vapor in the atmosphere. If this were to happen than the supply of untainted water would become less and less as time moves on. A confirmation of the warming of the earth is: measurements have shown that the surface temperature of the Earth has increased by about one degree over the past fifty years (Begley 2). Although this one degree may seem insignificant, it is the difference between water boiling or just being scorching hot. It could keep icebergs from melting and flooding some of the earth’s land with water.
Those are some general ideas environmentalists think about global warming, but the strongest arguments for man made global warming typically come from scientific theories. One such theory is that if solar energy was to blame for the increase in temperatures than the atmosphere would be warming from top to bottom, not from the bottom to the top (Begley and Murr 3). If the atmosphere is trapping heat, then it would make sense the temperatures would be exponentially increased the closer you get to earth’s surface. Recently the ExxonMobil CEO has made a statement confirming his belief in man made global warming (“Belief” 1). Oil companies are notorious for rejecting such a theory that would cause people to leave their dependence on oil and oil products behind and provides a strong ally in the fight for emission control. When people who depend on an object for their money source, but admit it causes a severe side-effect, they are admitting something is wrong and that something needs to change.
However, these theories do not come without opposition. Many people are convinced that global warming is nothing more than a scam. A strong argument...

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