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Humans' Impact On Grizzly Bears Essay

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Nature, it is everywhere, everyone uses it. Quite often, however, people abuse it, such as with humans’ impact on grizzly bears. Grizzly bears are important to the environment because they have many useful purposes for the environment: “they provide an “umbrella” for the environment because they require such large home ranges.” ( The Grizzly Bear is extremely vulnerable to changes in its habitat and food cycle. This allows humans to detect small changes in the environment, just by watching this amazing species. The Government of Canada needs to try harder to stop the poaching of grizzly bears in Canada.

Now even though these bears help the environment so will other bears. The Grizzlies are just another species of the many species of bears why are these bears more important than other bears. As we find from the GNWT: “Grizzly Bears in the NWT occur primarily in open alpine or tundra habitats, but they can also be found in forested areas. They have large home ranges relative to most other bear species. On average, a male’s range can extend over 2000 km2 while a female’s range is about half that size. Grizzly bears found on the central barrens seem to need even larger home ranges. Research has shown that grizzly bears on the tundra use a home range of up to 6700 km2 for males and 2100 km2 for females. Grizzlies require an adequate food supply, proper dinning sites and protection from human disturbances”. What this is stating is that because the bears take up so much landscape they keep that area in good living conditions, if you took them out then lots of land would go “unsupervised” by the grizzly Bears.
(GNWT Environment and Natural Resources).

Grizzly Bears help the environment stabilize but if the Grizzly Bears die off will not another species take the job of the “umbrella” of all the species just like the Grizzly did. No because one of the main reasons that Grizzly Bears are the umbrella species is because of the amount of land they take...

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