Humans Rights In Asian Countries Essay

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nstead of such an invasive and hei-
nous approach to population control, I pro-
pose that China offer either a stipend or a

tax deduction to families who do not birth

a child within that tax year. This would pre-
sent an incentive for families not to have

multiple children and also give poorer citi-
zens more of an economic break. In addi-
tion to this, if the Chinese government

were to provide free birth control to any-
one who needed it then there would be no

excuse. Also, providing free birth control

would make it much more assessable to

the poorer areas within the nation and

hopefully cut down on the amount of

forced abortions.

created and as a result, so was the con-
cept of forced abortions. When a popula-
tion grows to such an enormous size the

first thing that comes to mind is limiting

the amount of new people being added to

society, though this can be done in a vari-
ety of different ways. What once seemed

right in the past has turned into a violation

In conclusion, China’s ever growing popula-
tion was the result of cultural norms during

the nations formation. The country was so

focused on agriculture that its citizens be-
lieved that having more children meant hav-
ing more hands for labor in the fields. Ulti-
mately, the population growth during that

time led to their huge population. More re-
cently however, within the past century the

government had more of a hand in popula-
tion control and an even greater impact on

human rights. The One Child Policy was

of life in general, and it needs to be


After the study of women's rights in India, I

realize that Indian girls and women are fac-
ing a series situation due to their cultural

custom. We should pay more attention to

the issue of women's rights in India to influ-
ence world public media to lead the Indian

social media. The government...

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