Humberside Collegiate Choir Concert Report

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On February 27, 2014 the Humberside Collegiate Choir performed 3 songs at the Ontario Vocal Festival (OVF) in the Mayfield Secondary School auditorium. This choir wore maroon sashes with their school logo around their waists so that they could be identified as a choir. This choir sang “Fair Phyllis”, “I Value My Country”, and “One Goal”.

“Fair Phyllis”
This song began with a strong 4 part harmony in SATB, balanced due to the fact that their were two boy parts and two female parts, that way you couldn’t hear more of one gender. However in the second half of the song the strength of the harmony faltered; this is due to the fact that the boy’s were letting go of the volume, making it sound unbalanced. I did find that the words in this song got jumbled and their meaning lost because of the lack of diction. During the chorus the sopranos were showcasing their ability to sing high notes, they did a good job hitting them and remembering to hold back on the volume so that the rest of the choir could be heard. For the entire song the choir sang in forte and had no dynamic changes, I found that this made it seem boring because they weren’t doing anything to keep us hooked. I think that this song could have used more articulation, like staccato and slurs so that they could showcase their technique as well as their voices. At the end of the song the entire choir cut off at the same time showing that they had been watching their conductor. I wish that they had projected their emotions more in this song, whether that be by smiling or using a tone of voice to suggest feeling, I think that it would have enhanced their performance. The Humberside Collegiate Choir did an amazing job making sure that they all breathed on time and together without cutting sentences short, a feat that some choirs have difficulty with. All of the harmonies sounded spot on so I am assuming that they were on key for the entire song. However, I would have liked to have heard some dissonant chords so that there was some tension and the audience was brought to the brink of their seats before relaxing to a pleasant chord. I think that the choir had excellent rhythm but it would have been easier to tell if I had the sheet music.

“I Value My Country”
This song started with a SA harmony, which was so quiet that you could hardly hear it. Even after the men joined in they still stayed in mezzo-piano zone for the entire song. I had trouble hearing what they were saying in “Fair Phyllis” when they were singing in forte, so imagine what it was like now! This would have been extraordinarily easy to solve if they had annunciated more, for example, despite the fact we were singing pianissimo in “And So It Goes”, you could still hear what we were saying. For the most part they sang on-key and the harmonies sounded really good, again some unpleasant sounding chords would have been nice, but we can’t always get...

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