Humor And Healing The Research Essay

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Humor and Healing the Research

General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my listeners about the benefits of laughter & how to incorporate it in their daily life
Central Idea: Humor incorporated in your daily life promotes emotional, mental, and physiological healing

I. Attention Device & Rapport Building (Self-Disclosure)

A. Humor [Infomercial].
1. Different types of humor- this product is authentic. Not like all those copycats……….
2. Positive Effects of humor

B. Humor [PowerPoint slide will be shown].
1. Research studies
a) A recent research showed that pre-school-aged children laugh up to 400 times a day, but by the time we reach adulthood, we laugh a mere 17 times per day on average!
b) According to some recent research published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, elderly optimistic people, those who expected good things to happen (rather than bad things), were less likely to die than pessimists.
c) Among the 65-85 year-old study participants, those who were most optimistic were 55 percent less likely to die from all causes than the most pessimistic people. What’s more, after researchers adjusted the results for age, smoking status, alcohol consumption, physical activity and other measures of health, the optimists were 71 percent less likely to die than the pessimists!
d) It has been calculated that 100 laughs equal ten minutes on a rowing machine. It is called "inner jogging."
2. Diagrams
a) Charts from Humor The psychology of living buoyantly

II. Orienting Material & Preview

A. Laughter can be implemented easily without it being time consuming and expensive like therapy, so what’s stopping you from taking some time to humor yourself
B. Humor incorporated in your daily life promotes emotional, mental, and physiological healing

C. The research is very clear — this is not some social science generalization — there is a link between optimistic attitudes and good health. And it has been measured in a variety of ways. Overall, scientists have found that optimistic people are healthier. Their biological makeup is different and they have a more robust immune system.

D. Based on the Research of: Psychologist and author Herbert M. Lefcourt, Raymond A. Moody, Jr., MD, Robert R. Provine author of Laughter a scientific investigation, Dr. Laurence J. Peter & Bill Dana author of The Laughter Prescription, and Ramon Mora-Ripoll, MD, PhD.

(Transition: Let’s diagnose the first reason why humor promotes healing}
I. Emotional/spiritual
A. Helps put life’s trials and tribulations into healthy perspective by making them seem smaller.
1. Effects on mood, stress, depression and/or anxiety symptoms- Laughter improved mood and positive affect in healthy adults'; temporarily improved depressed mood in depression, moderated stress in healthy adults anxiety
2. Effects on psychotic symptoms- In patients with schizophrenia, a humor and laughter...

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