Humor In The Simpsons Essay

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Humor in The Simpsons

I and many other millions of people across the world believe that The
Simpson’s is the best programme on television because it is funny in
more ways then one.

The Simpson’s uses the family lifestyle that many American TV shows
have used over past (e.g. The Adam’s family, The Flintstones) but The
Simpson’s has proved it is a lot more popular because it uses many
more different forms of comedy which work with people from all ages.

Slapstick comedy is where someone gets hurt and you laugh but if you
saw it happen in real life you’d find it sick for example when homer
the father strangles his son Bart in many episodes it would be seen as
child abuse in real life but you feel its o.k. when The Simpson’s do
it. Another example of slapstick comedy is a programme that the
children in The Simpson’s watch called The Itchy and Scratchy show
which is a rather more gruesome parody of the classic Tom And Jerry
programme but Itchy and scratchy kill each over every episode.

Another theme of comedy is the hilarious idea of satire comedy, which
patronises the so called American life style for example homer is
arguably the dumbest person in The Simpson’s but he has a very
important job as he works as the safety officer at a nuclear power

Satire comedy in The Simpson’s is just making fun of stereotypical
America. For example the head police officer Chief Wiggum is lazy,
dumb but funny because he does nothing to solve crimes and eats
doughnuts and does the things that police officers are stereotypically
known to do.

In many episodes of the Simpson’s they use Intertextuality for the
plots. Intertextuality is where they use a film or a book to base a
episode on and the audience will recognise the comparison a good
example of this is where they use the lord of the flies to base an
episode on. Where Bart, Lisa and their classmates get stranded on an
island and they go through the same things as they did in the book or
film. Another great example is where Bart writes “ I can’t see dead
people” on the board in the opening credits which is a parody of The
sixth sense which is a supernatural film about ghosts and there is a
memorable quote where the young boy says “I see dead people”. Another
example of Intertextuality is where they use the idea of the matrix,
which is a sci-fi film where the...

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