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Humorous Creative Writing "There Goes My Job" Words: 1015

1013 words - 4 pages

Hi. My name is Matt Timidus. I have been working at the toy store 'Toys r us' for 3 years so far, yet I never had this kind of catastrophe since my brother danced in bikini in a pole for paying the rent. It was horrible, horrible I tell you; I still can't believe it happened some days ago, but I can remember it as if it was yesterday...It was like any other day in the toy store. The "Barbies" were in alphabetical order from "Alpinist Barbie version 2 " to "Zelene, Barbie's special friend", the video-games were in their place, the action figures were in their boxes and most important, my favourite lava-lamp, the beautiful lemon-green shiny lava-lamp was glowing as strong as usual, oh, it was always a joy to watch when someone's bored. Everything was perfect, until they came...*swoosh swoosh* the automatic doors made their sound as they opened, their entire bodies were hiding behind the shadow the sun covered them with, a big man, walking slowly, with a witch, right by her side, holding a little gremlin with her right hand. I had no idea what I was going to fight against."Hi" said the leader of the three to me "we would just like to look around a bit, I'm trying to find a good toy for my little Tommy, you see" said the big man with a smile as big as himself. "S...Su...sure sir, feel free to look around" I said. At start they looked normal. But then everything started. The woman (who looked more like my granny without the make-up) came close to me. "Oh, excuse me, I'm trying to find a pink "Furby" for my son, do you have any of those?" she exclaimed. " I'm sorry, I'm certain there are no pink version of the Furbies , I'm very sorry." I told her very calmly, "Are you sure? Because I saw one in the commercial and I think I'm sure there must be one" she said. She started looking for a pink Furby around the other Furbies, she started searching with one hand, pushing the Furbies to one side while she scratched her huge...backside with the other. "Excuse me... miss, the Furbies are falling to the floor" I nervously exclaimed "Oh yeah, sorry, you can pick 'em up" she said, almost ignoring me, while she threw another Furby to the floor. The succubus! I was starting to get mad. The only thing I could do was to pick them up. "Are you sure there are no pink Furbies?" she asked "Yes madam., I'm sure there are no pink Furbies" "Well that's a shame, maybe the toy store doesn't have all the toys I thought they had... but are you really sure?" she asked again "Yes madam, I'm very sure" I told her in an angry way. "Geesh, ok, calm down! Where are your manners? The kind of assistants we have these days..." she said, she just walked away, mumbling and complaining. That was...

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