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Humour And Darkness: The Shades Of The Story

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In escaping a work farm, a man commits himself to a mental institution and saves the sanity of many men while he himself is on the road to certain death. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey and the movie by the same name explores the darkness and humour waging war in the human mind and the difference between insanity and indolence. Both the novel and the film consists of a boisterous main character that changes the dynamics of a mental institution run by a psychotic, dictator like nurse with the assistance of a quiet Indian that is far underestimated. The way all these characters fit together however varies greatly from book to movie. The humour and darkness fits its way into every ...view middle of the document...

On the fishing trip the men finally begin to feel the desire to stand up for themselves. In the book the fishing trip scene is very carefully planned out and McMurphy gets the permission of Big Nurse and even brings the doctor and Chief Bromden along. The fishing trip scene was crucial for the character development of Chief Bromden in the book, he gets to understand laughter and humour as part of the world he lives in and as he observes the others fishing and carrying on he lived a bit of life himself, he sees joy in one of its purest forms, probably for the first time since being admitted to the ward. After the fishing trip is completed McMurphy takes them back to his childhood home where he reveals a piece of his past that was otherwise hidden, he tells them about his childhood and losing his innocence at a very young age and how that shaped him into who he is today.
Chief Bromden really shines in the control panel scene in both movie and book, quickly stated in the book McMurphy make bets with all the men that he can lift the very large control panel in the tub room, he strains and tries but he cannot lift the control panel, but as he states as he gives up his efforts “‘But I tried, though’ he says ‘Goddamnit, I sure as hell did that much, now didn’t I?’” (111). His determination inspired the men to have a little of their own, every piece helping them regain their sanity. Later in the book he helps Chief Bromden realize his own strength in more ways than one, first he gets Chief to lift up the control panel, and then McMurphy bets all the men that Chief cannot lift it up, but of course when they go to see the bet through he does lift it up. When McMurphy tries to give Chief a part of the profits he finally speaks up for himself, he realizes that life isn’t all about winning and he refuses...

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