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Hundraj & Company: A Peanut Butter Company With Expansion Plans

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Hundraj & Company is pioneer in Roasted Peanut retail in the city Navsari. We are trying to expand our business which includes setting up plant of peanut butter in Gujarat. Peanuts have significant nutrients and are consumed in diverse forms all over the world since long. Peanut butter is one such product consumed in huge quantities specially in western states since many years. It is not very popular in India and the domestic market is dominated by milk butter. Hence, the promoters must target developing export market and should be economically sound. The technology is available and it is advisable to engage a mechanical consultant to ensure quality. Acquaintance with export markets would be an added advantage. Peanut butter is a low calorie, high protein and balanced nutritive values and price competitive product. It is an pleasant alternative for Dairy butter as bread spread. It is consumed in huge quantities in USA and Western countries and has good potential for export and the untapped domestic market as the product is relatively new for India. Considering India’s position as the world’s second hugest producer of peanuts in the world, its share in the world market is restricted to raw peanuts only, with negligible contribution in value added products like Peanut Butter, roasted - blanched, and coated peanuts etc.;. Thus, there is ample scope for development. India is facing high levels of fluctuation in production and due to its failure in producing aflatoxin free. Peanuts, the value added products are not finding an export market. Though, the Domestic market for Peanut Butter is small at present, its export potential is good and with people becoming more health conscious the local market is sure to develop. The market for Peanut butter is likely to grow due to emerging demand for healthier and nutritious products. Demand in healthier Low calories & low fat food like wheat bread and peanut butter due to emergence of nuclear family and hectic life agenda. Changing life style and shift towards consumption of appropriate food. Peanut Butter has high nutritive value and is a good source of protein. It has the same steadiness as milk butter and can be used as a auxiliary. Due to high prices of milk on the world market, butter is becoming costlier day by day. On the other hand, peanut is available in sensible quantity and only a small quantity of it is directly used as food. Peanut can therefore be best used for the production of butter to cater for the needs of consumers. The world’s massive producer of peanut butter is Procter and Gamble, USA – having “JIF” brand. The company has capacity to...

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