Hungary And Its Jews During The Nazi Occupation

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On March 19, 1944, Nazi Germany invaded and occupied Hungary making life for Hungarian Jews more difficult than it was. Before Germany had invaded Hungary, there were already anti-Jewish laws, and other conditions that were applied to Hungary, because Hungary was allied to Germany during part of the war. Although Hungary was allied with the Germans, there were disagreements that occurred between the two allies. One of the disagreements was that Hungary was not willing to send its troops to the Soviet Union for battle (On the German Occupation of Hungary). Hungary was very cautious about sending its troops for German assaults, because a lot of their soldiers had been killed in the ...view middle of the document...

Once inside the ghetto, they had to live in very harsh conditions. Inside the camps, there was never enough food for the Jewish people to eat and therefore many died of starvation (The Budapest Ghettos). The police guarding the ghetto were brutal and would steal things from the Jewish people. The ghettos were also very unsanitary, and that made it more difficult to live in. Once inside the ghetto, no one was allowed to leave, and the longer the ghetto was active, the faster it deteriorated. As life in the ghettos went on for the Jews, they became used to the sight of dead bodies, because there were so many people who died every day. Soon, Hitler devised his “final solution” plan, where he and his party planned to kill the rest of the Jews. Consequently, 437,000 men, women and children were transported from the ghetto, and were sent to the extermination camp of Auschwitz (The Holocaust in Hungary). After the movement of the Jews, there was only one Hungarian Jewish community left, and that community was in the Hungarian capital, Budapest. Once in...

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