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Hunger De World Essay

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Why do we waste food when we don’t have much? Why do we not care when we know we should care! Life is not that easy as it seems to be, but saving little things, caring and sharing can make not only our life, but the life of others comfortable too. If we have got money, and we waste it then so many people who don’t have even enough to eat how will they survive? We should save food to save our own money, because if we save money we can help poor to eat food too. Sharing is caring. In the upcoming time so many countries of this world will become even more poor than they are today .We can do so many things to save our planet, and the first thing will be to create awareness about saving money and food. 'We know that a peaceful world cannot exist with one third rich and two thirds poor.' One day we rich ones will become the normal ones, and the low, or the normal class people will be the beggars. This is a fact that poverty is growing so fast, because of unemployment. Governments try their best to deal will poverty, but why should they alone do this? Why should they only take aids from other nations to donate it to the poor, why don’t we try? Why don’t we come forward, and say yes we have saved money and food just for the sake of our country, or just for human beings .If in every country this awareness spreads the planet will be saved. 'Hunger is not an issue of charity; it’s the issue of justice.' There are hotels in every country which throw their waste foods in bins, and that food is then littered into the backside of sea to make that water polluted! Why do we do this? We think no one is watching us. Is it just to make hotels clean we throw litter in seawater, and don’t think that sea will get polluted, and species will get harmed! Why don’t we just use the technology? “We live in a society deliberately dependent on science and technology where anyone of us rarely knows a thing about them." Inventions have been made so far, and we also know their use but still we don’t use technology to save our food, our people and our planet! Whom are we making fool, ourselves or the others? Well, it all comes back to the point that we are destroying humanity and brotherhood. We can recycle the wasted food through machines, and can make it clean for the poor to eat. At least this way we can feed them. Do we care bout our self respect? Other countries will degrade us! If this awareness spreads in every country no country will be left poor. Now let’s just say yes we can, and we will feed the world. We can make poor caring centres, and the welfare trusts for the poor that have been made. We can donate money to them. We can scientifically grow more food. We can do plantation of vegetables for the poor. If we cannot alone do this, then we can use technology; campaigning through social media can help us in so many ways .We can ask for help from the developed nations. When they contribute, through that money we can get advanced technological machinery for rapid plants...

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