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In The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins depicts many instances of the strategy and planning necessary for self-preservation survival during the games. These occurrences span over numerous characters in many situations that all take various approaches to the tasks on hand. The major characters that the situational survival strategies revolve around are Peeta, Katniss, Rue, Cato, and Haymitch and are present throughout Collins’ novel. Gary Ross’ 2012 adaptation is fairly accurate in these scenes, but includes minor alterations from artistic license. In The Hunger Games Collins strongly utilizes the emotional characteristics sympathy and deception while Ross is able to visually represent the ...view middle of the document...

The similarity between both scenes is no accident. The interview scene is crucial in the set up for the most of the story for the star-crossed lovers and had to be convincing enough to propose the idea of love to the audience. The similarity in the strategy Peeta sets up gives the audience love to hope and cheer for which is crucial for the film as it needs to connect to its viewers in a similar manner to how the novel did in this scene to its readers.
In the scene where the Careers and Peeta trap Katniss in a tree she develops a life-saving strategy with Rue to cause a commotion and escape the situation expressing the power of communication beyond words. Katniss, wounded, and trapped sees a shadowy figure that she discovers is Rue in a neighboring tree. Katniss seems to have no way out when, without any noise, Rue’s hand “slides into the open and points at something above her head” (Collins 184). She points toward a nest of tracker jackers, a venomous hornet-like insect that’s sting can kill, with the intentions to drop the nest onto the others below. Without a word both communicate to form an escape plan from the Careers. Silent communication is much like a form of rebellion as the citizenry in Panem will communicate in secret so the government would not overhear. Katniss and Rue do not want the Careers to know their plan or it’ll be foiled and move their campsite. The film follows the novel closely, staying true to the strategy and silent communication shared. However, Ross adds one detail of Rue drawing Katniss’ attention at first by whispering, “Psssst!” and then pointing to the nest (Ross). The similarities between the text and film show that Ross has a commitment to keeping the overall plot as Collins envisioned. The difference in dialogue is not significant and is only the help the plot develop more quickly than Katniss gazing around the treetops and discovering Rue. The ability to communicate without words is important when planning in secrecy, especially when your enemy nearby, Ross accentuates this novel detail allowing Rue say nothing but emit a “Psssst!” when attempting to get Katniss’ attention, which upholds the significance of the situation to the story.
Katniss utilizes secrecy as a strategy when speaking with Rue. Rue and Katniss become close after Rue tends to Katniss’ wounds from the tracker jacker incident. When talking, Katniss urges using their hands to cover their mouths to hide their conversation from the cameras (Collins 205). They use their hands to cover their mouths as a safeguard from the government. Katniss tells Rue that the love between her and Peeta is just a strategy. As such, if her plans were discovered she, Peeta, and their families would be in great danger from the government for making a mockery of their authority and undermining the games with such rebellious actions. In Ross’ film adaptation, this hand covering mouth detail is lost in its entirety. The neglect of hand covering could have been the...

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