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Hungry For Pride Essay

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In Franz Kafka’s short story, “A Hunger Artist”, Kafka introduces an eccentric man known as the Hunger Artist. The Hunger Artist has committed his entire life to the art of fasting, allowing himself to be caged and displayed to the public as if he were a painting (Kafka 198). Despite all the emotional turmoil he endures, he takes a great amount of pride in fasting and believes that he can fast for extremely elongated periods (Kafka 200). Unfortunately, his pride not only causes internal conflicts but also tragically leads to his unfortunate demise (Kafka 205). Through the setting and the character development of the Hunger Artist, Kafka illuminates the dangers of self-pride and depicts pride as harmful and detrimental to one’s existence.
Kafka utilizes the setting to show how the Hunger Artist is prideful and how this pride creates nothing but self-inflicted harm. Throughout the story, the Hunger Artist is always present in the confinements of a barred cage (Kafka 198). The cage separates him from the rest of society and allows him to show that because he is locked away he cannot possibly obtain any food that can disrupt his fasting. This physical barrier shows how the Hunger Artist wants to make it obvious that there is no possible way for him to search for food. He is pleased to know that he can restrict himself from such things. Within the cage, there is little furniture and décor. Only the “striking of the clock” exists in the cage to allow the Hunger Artist a sense of time (Kafka 198). The significance of time to the Hunger Artist coincides with his goals of fasting for an extensive amount of time. The Hunger Artist yearns to fast for longer days than is expected of him (Kafka 200). He holds pride knowing that he can fast for what seems like an endless quantity of days. To him, there are “no limits to his capacity for fasting” (Kafka 200). The clock in the cage further demonstrates how much pride the Hunger Artist carries with how much time he spends fasting. When the Hunger Artist decides to join the circus, he requests that his cage be situated not as “the star attraction somewhere in the middle of the arena, but would move him outside in some other readily accessible spot near the animal stalls” (Kafka 203). His request shows that he yearns to attract attention. By being placed by the animal cages, the Hunger Artist believes that this location will be more convenient for people to view his art. This way, the Hunger Artist will be able to flaunt his abilities to fast and hopefully attract more supporters. The cage, the clock, the placement of the cage by the animals—these are all representations of the Hunger Artist’s pride for fasting. Unfortunately, the cage that the Hunger Artist constitutes himself in shuts him away from not just obtaining food, but from society. Society fails to understand the art of fasting and the importance of time that the Hunger Artist feels. Eventually, the spectators at the circus find little enjoyment with...

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