Hungry Girl For The Hungry World

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In a society where food is no longer viewed as just a source of nutrients and is becoming increasingly unhealthy, it has become difficult for many to eat healthy. is a free email subscription service that was started in May 2004 by Lisa Lillien with that thought in mind. It offers information about healthy eating. The home page is the first page that the audience would see. The main purpose of the home page of the Hungry-Girl website is conveyed through the use of vibrant imagery and intriguing descriptions to charm the intended audience of the website to subscribe to their email service. A secondary purpose of this site is to tempt the audience to purchase Lillien's published books. I believe that through utilizing these elements in the site, this website is rhetorically effective
It is likely that the intended audience of this website is women based on the colors used on the homepage of this site. More specifically the intended audience of this site is likely women who are interested in cooking and healthy eating. I know this through text used on this site as well as through the additional images used. The colors used on the homepage of this website are vivid shades of blues, pinks/purples, and greens. All of these colors are very feminine shades of their respective color. These colors would not often appear on sites that are trying to appeal to a male audience, so it is safe to say that the intended audience is female.
The images used on this site also support this idea. Some of these images include lips, flowers, and cartoon illustrations of Lisa Lillian. Floral designs and cute images of lips are not something meant to appeal to a masculine audience. They applied these images with the purpose of appealing to females. The background used on the site itself is a green background with a pattern of forks and spoons scattered about. These images tell me that the website is related to eating and/or cooking. Lillien also uses pictures of food to try to elicit a sense of hunger and desire for the food from the audience. Some of the first images a person would see when they enter the site is a series of pictures of food like mini hotdog buns, a brownie, fries, and tacos. Utilizing these images also assists in the purpose of the home page to persuade the audience to subscribe.
The name of the website is Hungry Girl and it is an important piece of texts that supports that the intended audience are individuals interested in food or cooking. Before even knowing what this website is about, simply by reading the name of this site the audience will have the preconception that it will involve food in some way. Other important texts from this site is the text from the selection of links, more specifically, the ones that say "chew the right thing" and "weekly weigh-in", and the text within some of the larger colorful boxes on the homepage that say something about recipes and diets. These texts tell the audience that this site very possibly...

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